Have you ever wondered where humanity is headed?
By that I mean, have you ever taken time to stop and think where this “path” of technology and science is taking us? The proponents of this path promise us a glorious future of physical longevity, material wealth and prosperity and point to many amazing discoveries that will bring the benefits of this path to us.

However, there are also those among us that point to the failed past promises of science, and to the continually degrading ecology.  We see extinctions of many species of life occurring all around us; sickness seems to be everywhere and stalking us like the Grim Reaper. Which or who is right? Where is this present path taking us?

All of us have lived our lives in this scientific/industrial manner and assume that it is inevitable, that progress and time march on. Somehow it will all work out, we believe. We just go on with our lives and give the above issues no more thought. Most of us are unaware that there ever was an alternative to this present path, and how humanity lived within that path. If we think at all about how those in ages past lived out their lives, we think of how primitive and unpleasant their lives must have been, and how they could have ever gotten along without what we have now.

Are we making the right decision? Do we have a choice? Is there an alternative? I have written a short work of fiction that deals with this issue in an entertaining manner, something that I believe you will find of value to your life. Perhaps you will find something in this book that will help you decide if we are making the right choice.