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[Mangas de cul: Le Téméraire, BD Érogène, et divers.]

[For completeness' sake, here are the titles in Le Téméraire's Manga X series. The series seems to have stopped with volume 20, and has gradually gone out of print. Fear not, though, for a new publisher, BD Érogène, then stepped into the breach. No, that wasn't meant as a double-entendre. I'll include their titles too.]

Vol 1

Baisers de Sirènes Nom: Baisers de Sirènes
A.k.a.: Ningyo Hime no Kisu (Mermaid's Kiss)
Auteur: Yutaka Tanaka

[There were apparently two editions of this one with slightly different covers. I believe this one is the later one - she's not quite so yellow on the earlier one. Incidentally, both this one and Dynamite Milk came out early enough to get caught up in the manga censorship hysteria in Belgium back in 1997.]

[I haven't seen this one, but believe it is a collection of unconnected slight but cute stories, like Tanaka's other work.]

Vol 2

Dynamite Milk Nom: Dynamite Milk
A.k.a.: Bakuretsu Gyuunyuu
Auteur: Itoyoko

[Eva Milk, the (American(?)) head of the multinational Milk Corporation, is "overpaid, oversexed, and over here" - where in this case, "here" is the (Japanese) house of high school student Karine. (Er, make that "junior college student Karine.") Hijinx ensue as Eva introduces Karine and others to the American way of doing things. Warning: the hijinx in the first third of the book tend toward the somewhat nasty and nonconsensual, but this ameliorates considerably later.

[OK, so it's not exactly high literature, and the first part of the book, in addition to the nastiness, makes no sense. (E.g., why does Eva show up at Karine's house to begin with?) But at least the rest is kind of amusing, especially the rather peculiar way Eva mixes English in with her Japanese (or French, in Le Téméraire's version).]

[Difficulty: moderately easy.]

Vol 3

Quand un Ange s'invite Nom: Quand un Ange s'invite
A.k.a.: Oshikake santangelo [seitenshi]! (Uninvited holy angel!)
Auteur: Yoshimune Nishiki

[I found this one vaguely reminiscent of The Girl from Phantasia, but for once, the H version is the one with more plot!

[Nalja, a sixth level dimensional police inspector, suddenly emerges from the bedroom rug of Yuki Andô, a high school sociology teacher. It seems Nalja's fiancé, a prince, has been killed, and Nalja has pursued the murderer from her parallel Earth to ours. Well, wouldn't you know it, but Yuki happens to be the spitting image of Nalja's deceased prince, so Nalja enlists him in the hunt. First, though, she has to endow him with some of her magical powers, and there's only one, very intimate, way to do that... Oh, let's see, also, Nalja travels with her two faithful maidservants, Cena and Miele, who transform themselves into her clothing. Of course, that means when they need to do something and transform out, then...

[OK, OK, I just said it had more plot than Girl from Phantasia, not that it had a *lot* of plot. But still, by the standards of the genre, it's not bad. Nishiki is a pretty good artist, and none of the main characters are annoying for once. Warning: while it's mostly cute, the villainess Zara does do some disgusting stuff with her tentacle bugs. I don't understand the fascination with that kind of junk. However, I don't think Nishiki's really into it either, since he gets by it fairly quickly and finishes with a "happi endo."

[Difficulty: moderately easy.]

Vol 4

La Magie Trouble de Sakura Nom: La Magie Trouble de Sakura
A.k.a.: Sakura Trouble Magic
Auteur: Shoh Karura

[Here's a review from the E=mC^2 review site at, which I've (approximately) translated it into English for you.]

Sakura was a high school girl who had never gone out with a boy, not even once. One day, she picked up a strange magical book at a second-hand bookstore. Sakura traced out a magical diagram which, according to the book, would call forth an angel, but what is in fact summoned is an evil demoness, Zeranis, who loves to steal the virginity of beautiful girls. This is a comical work which depicts the ecchi life together of this strange demoness and Sakura. By the way, it seems a continuation has also been published... if I remember correctly.

As for the MC [mind control] scenes, in the third story, Sakura's reasoning power is taken away by magic, so that she will comply with Zeranis's ecchi requests. She ends up trying to seduce Zeranis, who runs away from her. Also, in the 7th story, Sakura this time is [controlled] by an angel who has been secretly called forth by Zeranis. (In fact, when the summoning occurs, it is hindered by Zeranis, so an imperfect wicked angel results. Incidentally, it's a hermaphrodite.) The two of them [Zeranis and Sakura] end up being manipulated. Sakura services the angel Are, while Zeranis violates Sakura. For this reason, the enchantment is taken away, and Zeranis disappears. But when this happens, Sakura finds she has come to like Zeranis...

It's a kyonyuu [features huge breasts]. And in the end, it's a rabukome [romantic comedy]. Thick and heavy (laugh).

Vol 5

Nami SOS Nom: Nami SOS
Auteur: Chataro

[I saw the Japanese original and was not too impressed. Nami (and some similarly improbably-proportioned comrades) can transform into "Inma Hunters" (Lust demon hunters) with a special necklace. Needless to say, they don't have to hunt too far to find them. It's mostly one long boring, bloody rape/fight.]

Vol 6

Le Baiser du Diable Nom: Le Baiser du Diable
A.k.a.: Debiruzu Taachi (Devil's Touch)
Auteur: Wolf Monogusa [Wolf Mongoose, apparently a doujin circle]

[Not to be confused with the Barbara Cartland romance of the same name!]

Vol 7

Lunes et Petites Cerises Nom: Lunes et Petites Cerises
A.k.a.: Tsuki to Sakuranbo (Moon and Cherry)
Auteur: Yutaka Tanaka

[Unconnected, plot-lite stories about cute high school students (who we know are in actuality 19 year old junior college students, of course) getting their petites cerises broken.... For once, there's never anything particularly obnoxious.

[Difficulty: What, you're reading the text? Heh, heh. OK, we'll call it very easy to moderately easy.]

Vol 8

La Vie Ordinaire de Nagi-Chan Nom: La Vie Ordinaire de Nagi-Chan
A.k.a.: Nagi-chan no Yuuutsu (Nagi-chan's Melancholy)
Vol Orig: 2? [I saw a reference to Nagi-chan no Yuuutsu 2]
Auteur: Makoto Fujisaki
[English edition: released as Co-ed Sexxtasy (a most poetic title) by Studio Proteus/Eros]

[Nagi-chan's boyfriend is a bit of a pain, but it's a good pain. What's a girl to do? Well, pretty much everything, as it turns out.]

Vol 9

Le Coffret de Jade Nom: Le Coffret de Jade
A.k.a.: Hisui no takarabako (The Jade Strongbox)
Auteur: Yu[u]ki

[Another collection of unconnected short "stories" about cute students (or, amazingly enough, those somewhat older) and their (mostly) cute sexual escapades. Most of the stories seem to involve deception in some way, though except for the first story, the deceptions are harmless enough.

[Oddly enough for this genre, some of the stories are almost - well, "educational" isn't quite the right word, but the girls do sometimes lecture the boys on how they'd like to be treated. I won't make any claims for the quality of the "advice" given, other than it beats, say, La Blue Girl. Presumably also I don't need to explain what a "jade box" is...?

[Difficulty: fairly easy.]

Vol 10

Essayez-moi Nom: Essayez-moi
A.k.a.: Watashi to shitemite! (Try it with me!)
Auteur: Chataro

Vol 11

Kiss me, Kiss you Nom: Kiss me, Kiss you
A.k.a.: Watashi o mitsumete! (Look at me!)
Auteur: Maeda Kenjirou

[On the plus side, Kenjirou actually attempts to tell a story most of the time. Some of them are even borderline-shy of being realistic. On the minus side, he only has 16 pages per story to do so, eight of which are devoted to the obligatory sex scenes. So it's hard to get much more going than the "getting it on" part. Also, I find his drawing style kind of stiff and pinched; I don't think he's quite good enough an artist to draw in the semi-realistic style he's obviously attempting.

[Difficulty: fairly easy.]

Vol 12

Zioïd le Premier Continent Nom: Zioïd le Premier Continent
A.k.a.: Hajimari no tairiku "Jioido" (Geoid, the beginning continent)
Auteur: Koto Nanno & Kaoru Hazuki

[This isn't the usual plotless H manga. It's actually a reasonably well-done post-apocalyptic-Earth tale with horror/sexual elements. Unfortunately, this is evidently only the first volume of a planned series, so it leaves off right in the middle. According to Hazuki's website, no continuation was ever done.

[Difficulty: moderately easy, though sometimes the story gets a little rough.]

Vol 13

Enfin Adulte Nom: Enfin Adulte
A.k.a.: Ima dake wa otona (Just now, (I'm) an adult)
Auteur: Maeda Kenjirou

Vol 14

Les Copines du Club de Natation Nom: Les Copines du Club de Natation
A.k.a.: Suidoubashi jogakuen suieibu (Suidoubashi girl's academy swim club)
Auteur: Yoshimasa Watanabe

Vol 15

Dark Wirbel: Conflit Nom: Dark Wirbel: Conflit
Auteur: Makoto Fujisaki

[See above, under the Samouraï Dark Wirbel listing. I assume this is more or less the same thing, though likely licensed here!]

Vol 16

Entretien avec une Nymphe Celeste Nom: Entretien avec une Nymphe Celeste
A.k.a.: Rakuen tennyo tan (Tales of celestial nymphs from paradise)
Auteur: Takahiro Sato

[Another collection of stories generally innocent of plot but not much else. Many are on the theme of goddesses (and the like) getting mixed up in human affairs. A couple of them look like they might be attempts at starting something longer, in particular the series on Svadistana [sic; for Svadhisthana], who's sort of like how Urd would be if Urd were really like she's supposed to be. (Did that make any sense?)

[Some of the stories are actually kind of amusing, in particular the Svadistana stories and the last one about "Chromi Rose" (who looks like a parody of Misao from Rurouni Kenshin, but was probably based on the same video game character Misao was).]

[Difficulty: mostly easy, though Sato does make a number of side remarks and such that take it beyond the "Je jouis!" level.]

Vol 17

Ondes Toxiques Nom: Ondes Toxiques
A.k.a.: Dokudenpo bugi (Toxic electromagnetic wave boogie(?))
Auteur: Kenji Yamamoto

[OK, so nowadays we have many instances of "meganekko" (see below), but so far as I know, this is the only extant work of "antenakko." Yes, for some unknown reason a couple of the stories in this collection feature girls (and boys) wearing antennas as hats. I don't mean insect-like antennas either, but rather radio towers, satellite dishes, TV aerials....

[Even without the antennas, the stories are in general leavened by a certain goofy quality. My favorite of the bunch is the one about the girl and her pet tentacle monster. Unfortunately, the later stories degrade from being goofy to just plain dumb.

[Difficulty: fairly easy, by and large, though perhaps following some of the jokes takes a bit more effort.]

Vol 18

Message pour l'être aimé Nom: Message pour l'être aimé
A.k.a.: Message itoshii hito e (Message for lovely one)
Auteur: Takuya Fujima

[Fujima makes stories with exotically detailed girls and extraordinarily thin plots. The cover is probably the best part of this one, I'm afraid.]

[Difficulty: relatively easy, but the sketchiness of the stories might make them a little harder to follow.]

Vol 19

Je suis une demoiselle Nom: Je suis une demoiselle
A.k.a.: Komusume da mono! (Because I'm a girl!)
Auteur: Rumi Miyamoto

[A collection of slight, mostly unconnected but generally fun and innocuous stories from the apparent originator of "meganekko" (glasses-wearing girls) - the term, that is!

[Oddly enough for this genre, it has a somewhat "shoujo" art style, and most of the stories are told from the girl's point of view. While I can't vouch for how probable their behavior is, I should note that Miyamoto sports a girl's name and depicts "her"self as a meganekko as well.]

[Difficulty: fairly easy.]

Vol 20

Les Secrets de Chinami Nom: Les Secrets de Chinami
A.k.a.: Chinami no himitsu
Auteur: Key Koisikawa [Kei Koishikawa]

[BD Érogène: Au début, les éditions BD Érogène ont l'air des traducs françaises faites des VA (chez Studio Proteus/Eros). Maintenant, elles ont des origines plus diverses.]

[The following are the BD Érogène titles; the earlier ones seem to be taken directly from the English Studio Proteus/Eros versions. Later ones have more diverse origins.]

Anime XXX Nom: Anime XXX
Auteur: Divers
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volumes: 6(?)
Vol Orig: N/A??
Code Prix: D
[English edition: dunno; there have been a couple similar ones]

[Here's the series blurb from various sources:]

Enfin sous forme d'albums les parodies X des meilleurs jeux vidéo et séries d'animation du moment! Vos héros préférés subissent un traitement de choc dans des aventures aussi inédites que torrides.

Finally in collected form, H parodies of the best video games and anime series today! Your favorite heroes undergo some incredible experiences in these adventures both uncut and red hot.

Dans volume 1, les parodies de: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Street Fighter, Slayers, Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball.

Dans volume 2, les parodies de: Oh my goddess, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Ranma 1/2, ST Seiya, Lamu

Dans volume 3, des parodies de: Salyers, King of Fighters, Sailor Moon, et bien plus encore...

Dans volume 4, des parodies de: Evangelion, Pokémon, Saloir Moon You're Under Arrest.

Dans volume 5, des parodies de: Street Fighters, Capcom vs. SNK, Final Fantasy, Evangelion, Sailor Moon...

Dans volume 6, des parodies de: Street Fighters, King of Fighters, Oh my Goddess, Sailor Moon...

[Oy, that is one lame-looking cover, isn't it? I don't think it reflects the contents particularly, which are apparently mostly fairly well-known doujinshi. I've also seen unverified claims of a 7th volume, but don't know if it was ever actually published.]

Bondage Fairies Nom: Bondage Fairies
A.k.a.: Insect Hunter
Auteur: Kondom (Teruo Kakuta)
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volumes: 3(?)
Vol Orig: 3
Code Prix: D
[English edition: Studio Proteus/Eros]

[Here's the blurb from]

Lorsque Pfil, membre du corps des chasseurs, une "police des fées" qui veille sur le petit monde de la forêt, est envoyée en mission de routine sans sa partenaire Pamilia, elle ne se doute pas de ce qui l'attend. Capturée par une bande de fées renégates qui lui reprochent leur échec, Pfil est soumise à toutes sortes de tortures destinées à satisfaire le sadisme de ses tortionnaires. Pfil saura-t-elle se montrer plus fortes qu'elles? Grand classique du manga érotique, Bondage Fairies se démarque par son imagination débordante et le trait élégant de son auteur.

When Pfil, a member of the corps of [Insect] Hunters, a "fairy police" who patrols the forest world, is sent on a routine mission without her partner Pamilia, she doesn't suspect what awaits her. Captured by a band of renegade fairies who blame her for their setbacks, Pfil is subjected to all sorts of tortures intended to satisfy the sadism of her torturers. Will Pfil show herself to be stronger than they? A great classic of erotic manga, Bondage Fairies is noteworthy for the wild imagination and elegant touch of its author.

[Some bookstore websites list 4 volumes, but BD Érogène only claims 3.]

La Caresse du Fouet Nom: La Caresse du Fouet
A.k.a.: Silky Whip
A.k.a.: Engine Room, Five, Junk Story
Auteur: Oh! Great [Ito Ogure, or Ogure Ito in Japanese order]
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volumes: 4 (collection complète)
Vol Orig: 3(?)
Code Prix: D
[English edition: Studio Proteus/Eros]

[The blurb, from]

Jeux érotiques, règlements de comptes entre voyous, aventures extrèmes. Ces histoires surprenantes, merveilleusement servies par un graphisme sans faille, stimulera votre désir.

[Seems to be a collection of different works, originally with different titles, published in Core Magazine. I'm not sure how many volumes were in the English edition, but I thought it was 2? Anyway, the French version is complete in 4 volumes]

Compte à Rebours Nom: Compte à Rebours
A.k.a.: Countdown
Auteur: Hiroyuki Utatane
Editeur: BD Érogène
Code Prix: D
[English edition: Countdown: Sex Bombs, by Studio Proteus/Eros]

[Yes, Samouraï did do this same title a while back, but this one's uncensored. Probably even licensed, for that matter.]

Convoitise Nom: Convoitise
A.k.a.: Ori
A.k.a.: Lust
Auteur: Ronin Tenjiku
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volumes: 1(?)
Vol Orig: 1
Code Prix: D
[English edition: Studio Proteus/Eros]

[Blurb from]

Ronin Tenjiku accomplit un voyage sombre et surprenant aux tréfonds de la dégradation et sonde, avec cet album, les régions les plus reculées de la libido humaine. Qu'il s'agisse de faire l'amour à une ombre ou à une femme chat, d'être mis en cage afin de se livrer à des orgies ou de voyager dans le temps, tout est prétexte à la libération des pulsions de la... Convoitise!

Ronin Tenjiku sets sail on a dark and surprising voyage to the subterranean depths of degradation and probes, with this work, into the most remote regions of the human libido. Whether it's a matter of making love to a shadow or a cat woman, to be put into a cage in order to devote oneself to orgies or to voyage through time, all is but a pretext for the liberation of the pulsations of... lust!

[I've seen claims of two volumes here, but I think this is a confusion based on the reedition BD Érogène recently brought out, which had a different cover.]

Cours particuliers Nom: Cours particuliers
A.k.a.: Secret Plot, Secret Plot Deep
Auteur: NewMen
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volumes: 3
Vol Orig: 2 (? Maybe divided differently?)
Code Prix: D
[English edition: (as Secret Plot) by Studio Proteus/Eros]

[Here's the blurb from.... (I forget where, sorry!):]

Mayumi et Miki sont deux enseignantes pas comme les autres. Totalement obsédées, elles ne pensent qu'à avoir des relations sexuelles et surtout trouver les plus gros pénis possibles. Elles vont vite se spécialiser dans la transmission d'un savoir très spécial, que ce soit à des étudiants encore puceaux ou à un jeune homme incroyablement gâté par la nature dont l'organe ne cesse d'affoler les deux vicieuses. Pleines d'humour, les histoires de Cours Particuliers feront regretter à beaucoup de n'avoir jamais eu de professeurs de la trempe de Mayumi et Miki!

Mayumi and Miki are two unusual teachers. Complete perverts, they only think about having sexual relations and above all look for the biggest penera possible. [If you use the Latin plural, it sounds more "scientific," doesn't it?] They quickly come to specialize in the transmission of a special sort of skill, whether to students who are still virgins, or to a young man incredibly spoiled by nature with a non-stop organ that drives the two nymphos wild. Full of humor, the stories in "Special Lessons" will make many regret not having had teachers of the stripe of Mayumi and Miki!

Hot Tails Nom: Hot Tails
A.k.a.: Junction, Wingding Party (original titles)
Auteur: Toshiki Yui
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volumes: 3
Vol Orig: 2+1
Code Prix: D
[English edition: (as Hot Tails) by Studio Proteus/Eros]

[Again, from]

En direct de la planche à dessin de Toshiki Yui, découvrez une véritable cascade de contes lubriques. Une débauche de relations illicites, de sadomasochisme, de transsexualité, de domination et bien plus encore.

Straight from Toshiki Yui's drawing board, discover a veritable flood of lecherous tales. A dissolute stew of illicit relations, sadomasochism, transsexuality, of domination and lots more.

[I think the first two volumes correspond to Junction, while the third is Wingding Party.]

La Blue Girl Nom: La Blue Girl
Auteur: Calderon, Matt Lunsford
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volumes: 2
Vol Orig: 2
Code Prix: D
[English edition: by Bare Bear Press]

[Here's the blurb, from]

Suite au décès de sa grand-mère, Miko Mido devient chef du clan Miroku. Mais la jeune fille est-elle prête à assumer une telle responsabilité? Tandis que ninjas et démons se déchaînent, Miko va devoir maîtriser les secrets de sa famille pour réussir à protéger notre monde. Heureusement, le fidèle Nin-Nin et la lycanthrope Yaku seront à ses côtés pour l'aider au mieux. Cette fresque épique en deux tomes où sexe et magie font bon ménage est l'adaptation des célèbres animés La Blue Girl de Toshio Maeda.

After the death of her grandmother, Miko Mido becomes the head of the Miroku clan. But is this girl ready to assume such a responsibility? As ninjas and demons engage in battle, Miko must master the secrets of her family if she is to succeed in protecting our world. Fortunately, the faithful Nin-Nin and the werewolf Yaku will be at her side, the better to help her. This epic fresco in two volumes where sex and magic are well-mixed is the adaptation of the celebrated anime La Blue Girl by Toshio Maeda.

[I haven't seen this one, but I assume this must be a translation of an American original based on the anime.]

Miss 130 Nom: Miss 130
Auteur: Chiyoji Tomo
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volume: 1
Vol Orig: 1?
Code Prix: D

[The blurb, from]

Les fantastiques aventures d'une jeune secrétaire qui ne dit jamais non à une partie de jambes en l'air. Vous y retrouverez de la lactation, de la promotion canapé, de la trahison et bien plus encore avec la pulpeuse Reiko au tour de poitrine des plus avantageux (130).

The fantastic adventures of a young secretary who never says no to a party with her legs in the air. You'll find here lactation, the "casting couch," betrayal and lots more, with the sensuous Reiko and her most excellent chest measurements (130 cm).

[Kind of weird and, to be honest, not very good. This one seems to be done from a Spanish edition, this time. The artwork does have sort of that ugly, chunky, sweaty Europorn vibe to it, for some reason. The stories about Reiko are for the most part disjointed and don't really fit with each other; she varies from being secretary to housewife, single to married (with different husbands), instigator to victim. It's flipped and uncensored (except for a few missed panels here and there), for whatever that's worth. Medium-large format but short page count.]

Original La Blue Girl Nom: Original La Blue Girl
A.k.a.: La Blue Girl: The Manga
Auteur: Toshio Maeda
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volumes: 3(?)
Vol Orig: 4
Code Prix: D
[English edition: by CPM]

[The blurb, from]

Miko Mido est une kunoichi, une ninja chasseuse de démons. Mais sa vie bascule le jour où elle devient elle-même la cible du monde des ténèbres. Aidée par son fidèle compagnon Nin-Nin, elle va devoir tout mettre en oeuvre pour sauver sa vie et protéger les innocents menacés par les démons lubriques!

Miko Mido is a kunoichi, a demon-hunting (female) ninja. But her life is completely overturned the day when she herself becomes the target of the shadow world. Aided by her faithful companion Nin-Nin, she will go to any length to save her life and protect the innocents menaced by the lustful demons!

[This is a translation of the original Japanese manga. Again, some bookstore web sites list as many as 5 volumes, but BD Érogène is only claiming 3.]

Parodie XXX Nom: Parodie XXX
Auteur: Divers
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volumes: 5
Code Prix: C

[Not sure if this is the same stuff as the Anime XXX above or what. Anyway, here's their blurb for the first issue:]

Un numéro spécial entièrement dédié aux parodies célèbres! 130 pages de manga inédit: Sailor Moon, Evangelion, OH my Goddess, FF9 et King of Fighters. En prime, une grande aventure du Docteur Zoune dans le Loft! Ca va chauffer!

A special issue entirely devoted to celebrated parodies! 130 pages of uncut manga: Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Oh my Goddess, FF9 and King of Fighters. As a bonus, a great adventure with Doctor Zoune in the Loft! That'll warm you up!

Ragnarock City Nom: Ragnarock City
Auteur: Satoshi Urushihara
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volume: 1
Vol Orig: 1?
Code Prix: D

[An art book. Here's a blurb, from]

Satoshi Urushihara, célèbre mangaka, auteur de Plastic Little, Lemnear ou Chirality et character designer pour de nombreux jeux vidéo, aime à dessiner de charmantes jeunes femmes légèrement vêtues. Cet Art Book est l'occasion pour lui d'exprimer pleinement son talent à travers de nombreuses illuminations. Un must pour les amateurs de belles images!

Satoshi Urushihara, the celebrated mangaka, author of Plastic Little, Lemnear and Chirality, and character designer for numerous video games, loves to draw charming, minimally dressed young women. This Art Book provides the occasion for him to express his talent clearly through numerous illustrations. A must for lovers of beautiful images!

SouMission Nom: SouMission
A.k.a.: Voice, Gehenna (original titles)
A.k.a.: Voice of Submission (title of English edition)
Auteur: Mashumaro Juubaori
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volume: 1
Vol Orig: 1+1
Code Prix: D
[English edition: by Studio Proteus/Eros]

Temptation Nom: Temptation
Auteur: Hiroyuki Utatane
Editeur: BD Érogène
Code Prix: D
[English edition: by Studio Proteus/Eros]

[The blurb, from]

L'auteur de Compte à Rebours revient avec trois histoires courtes toutes plus ambigues les unes que les autres. Relations lesbiennes, transformisme et sadisme se partagent à nouveau l'affiche sous la plume délicate d'Utatane. Cet album est complété par une large galerie d'illustrations où l'artiste démontre toute la puissance de son style.

The author of Compte à Rebours [Countdown] returns with three short stories, each more enigmatic than the rest. Lesbian relations, evolution [?], and sadism again share the spotlight under the delicate pen of Utatane. This volume is complemented by a large gallery of illustrations where the artist demonstrates the power of his style [without having to come up with a plot to connect them, heh, heh].

Urotsukidoji Nom: Urotsukidoji
A.k.a.: Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend
Auteur: Toshio Maeda
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volumes: 5(?)
Vol Orig: 6, +2 in the "Shin" series
Code Prix: D
[English edition: by CPM Comics, most or all of it, I believe.]

[Again, some bookstores are claiming 7 volumes out, but BD Érogène only lists 5.]

Venus Nom: Venus
Auteur: Satoshi Urushihara
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volume: 1
Vol Orig: 1?
Code Prix: D

[Another art book, of course. Here's a (suspiciously familiar) blurb, from]

Satoshi Urushihara, célèbre mangaka, auteur de Plastic Little, Lemnear ou Chirality et character designer pour de nombreux jeux vidéo, aime à dessiner de charmantes jeunes femmes légèrement vêtues. Cet Art Book est l'occasion pour lui d'exprimer pleinement son talent à travers de nombreuses illuminations. Un must pour les amateurs de belles images!

Satoshi Urushihara, the celebrated mangaka, author of Plastic Little, Lemnear and Chirality, and character designer for numerous video games, loves to draw charming, minimally dressed young women. This Art Book provides the occasion for him to express his talent clearly through numerous illustrations. A must for lovers of beautiful images!

X-Treme Manga Nom: X-Treme Manga
Auteur: Divers
Editeur: BD Érogène
Volume: 1
Code Prix: C

[A compilation magazine, evidently. Here's their blurb for the first issue:]

La nouvelle revue bimestrielle qui va vous retourner! 160 pages de manga totalement inédits! Ce premier numéro propose une histoire complète par Toshiki Yui (Hot Tails) pleine d'humour et de fantastique.

The new bimonthly review that's gonna knock your socks off! 160 pages of totally uncut manga! This first issue includes a complete story by Toshiki Yui (Hot Tails) full of humor and the fantastic.

There were reports at bookstores of other works being published by BD Érogène (Slut Girl and God of Sex), but again, I've seen no confirmation of it. In fact, the BD Érogène web site shut down as of 19 March 2004, so I suspect the whole thing has gone under.

Here are a few odds and ends I've found elsewhere:

DB X Nom: DB X
A.k.a.: Dragonball X
Editeur: Samouraï

[One of the infamous Samouraï doujinshi reprints. I believe this one was untranslated, and of questionable provenance. They also did a Sailor Moon X and one or two other anthologies, but I have (thankfully) lost the cover scans.]

Delires Manga X Nom: Delires Manga X
Auteur: Divers
Editeur: L'Echo des Savanes
Volume: 1
Code Prix: D

[Obviously another set of doujinshi reprints. I believe this this was another Samouraï edition that Albin Michel picked up. Amazingly enough, it's still listed as in print, after seven years.]

Extreme Orient Nom: Extreme Orient
Auteur: Divers
Editeur: Humanoides Associes
Volume: 1
Code Prix: D

[Here's the blurb from Humanoides Associes:]

Au pays des estampes japonaises, l'érotisme est un art. Aujourd'hui encore, où les dessinateurs du manga n'ont pas oublié ce qu'ils doivent à la tradition séculaire de l'Ukiyo-e. Six d'entre eux, parmi les plus prestigieuses, célèbrent ici les servitudes et les plaisirs de la chair.

In the land of Japanese prints, eroticism is an art. Even today, where manga artists have not forgotten what they owe to the secular tradition of Ukiyo-e. Six of them, among the most prestigious, here celebrate the constraints and the pleasures of the flesh.

[This is evidently a collection of six "mangas de cul" from various authors. Though at 84 pages for 99F, it's not much of a deal. The title is clever, though - "extreme orient" means "far east" as well as implying extremeness of another sort.]

Goddess X Nom: Goddess X
Auteur: ??
Editeur: ??
Volume: 1
Code Prix: C

[Don't know a thing about this one, other than this cover scan I found. Looks like an Ah, My Goddess doujinshi. It was listed as a French edition, but may simply be an untranslated Japanese import. As you might image, a Google search for "goddess x" yields a ton of hits, none of them at all relevant...]

Gorgon Nom: Gorgon
Auteur: Chouji Maboroshi
Editeur: Samourai
Volume: 1
[English edition: Antarctic Press, at least partial]

[Another bit of H manga from Samourai; while the listing here is "new," the manga hardly is, having come out sometime in 1996. At least, I assume it came out - it was right near the time Samourai went out of business, so I'm not positive it was actually published. The (poor) cover scan is of the Japanese edition.]

[I've heard it's actually not too bad, as these things go. If you're interested, you can still find copies of the Antarctic Press/Venus Comics version around if you search hard enough.]

Heats Nom: Heats
Auteur: Ai Yuri, Kazunari Hasebe
Editeur: Import Japon
Volume: 1
Code Prix: D++

Parodie Erotique de Street Fighter II, Cammy et Chun li en version japonaise.

Erotic parody of Street Fighter II, Cammy and Chun-Li in a Japanese version.

[Obviously another Cammy/Chun-Li Street Fighter doujinshi, but this time untranslated.]

Ice Nom: Ice
A.k.a.: The Other Story of the Strawberry Shake
Auteur: Show
Editeur: Japan Center
Volume: 1
Code Prix: A--

[This is an H doujinshi of I"s, hence the Ice title. Not sure about the strawberry shake part, but perhaps if you've read more of I"s than I have, it would make sense. In fact, that's probably a prerequisite for any of this making sense, since by and large it doesn't bother with niceties like plot. "Show" does show quite a talent for mimicking Katsura's style, though. Let's start a rumor that he really *is* Katsura, working under a pseudonym.

[The book costs almost nothing, and looks like it too - sort of like somebody ran it off at the local Kinko's. Unfortunately, the staff at Kinko's seems to have bound the pages in the wrong order - it's unflipped, but the pages are put in normal Western front-to-back order. But that's ok - my suggestion for the best use of this book is to slice out the pages and slip them here and there into your copy of I"s, to spice up Ichitaka's fantasies a little. Think of it as sort of an I"s expansion pack - an "i"s pack," if you will. I am so clever it's frightening.]

[I've seen other titles listed, such as Lemon Gals and Lemon World, but I believe these are art books. (I'm not positive whether they're French or Italian editions either, though of course in reality it hardly matters.) Incidentally, there are French editions of a number of art books, both H and non-H, including

Card Captor Sakura Art Book 1 and 2 (Pika), Le dictionnaire de Dragonball (Glénat), Le grand livre de Dragonball (Glénat), Le grand livre de Neon Genesis Evangelion (Glénat), Der Mond (Le grand livre de Neon Genesis Evangelion vol 2) (Glénat), Die Sterne (Le grand livre de Neon Genesis Evangelion vol 3) (Glénat), Le grand livre de Sailormoon (Glénat), Mon Voisin Totoro (Tonkam?), Porco Rosso: La Légende (Glénat), Princesse Mononoké: Le livre du film (Dreamland), Sorayamart: L' Art Érotique de Hajime Sorayama (?), The Art of Cartoonist (?), U-Jeune - Illustrations de U-Jin (Tonkam).

[Other French manga/manhwa/whatever titles: Angel Dick (Korean), Armagedon (sic, also Korean), Born to Kill (a Chinese (Hong Kong) manga), Bubblegum Crisis (yep, the Adam Warren version), Celia (Hong Kong), Club Mad (Hong Kong), Les Aventuriers de la 5ème Génération (Hong Kong), Rainbow (Korean), Red Hawk (Korean), Shoma (Chroniques de la guerre légendaire de) (Korean), Spirit: Le Dieu Rocher (Korean?). I might put these in with the general list at some point.

[In a class by themselves are the works by Frédéric Boilet (often in collaboration with Benoît Peeters, once (Tokyo est mon jardin) also with Jiro Taniguchi) - a French B.D. artist who now resides in Japan and publishes works in French and Japanese. Check his web site ( if you want to see more.]

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