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As it happens, I've sold all the books, so the sale page is currently closed. But no doubt I will get confused and order duplicate books again in the future, so you're invited to look back here at a later date. For now, let me point you to my list of French manga retailers.

By the way, as part of my "service after the sale" (or something like that), I would be more than happy to provide any reasonable amount of translation assistance on these mangas if needed. Just ask!

Sale list

Here is a brief description of each item. For more, see the liste.manga.frpage. All books are of course new and as yet unread. Click on the smaller pictures to see more or less life size ones, depending on your monitor resolution. (Actual sizes are around 4.5" x 7", give or take a little.)
Ah! My Goddess vol. 13 $5.25 sold
The Pika edition is flipped (or sometimes panel rearranged), but nicely enough done. This one introduces Skuld's "boyfriend" (the whole thing is just super-cute!), and has some stories about the original head of the Nekomi Tech Car Club.
Card Captor Sakura vol. 5 $5.25 sold
As usual, the Pika edition is flipped/rearranged, but well done, including the color "Clow card" bookmarks. Hoo haa! This one contains the infamous Tomoeda Elementary cross-dressing performance of "Sleeping Beauty." With that, and with Tomoyo's expert needling, Shaolan Li ends up in a prolonged state of near-death from embarrassment!
Card Captor Sakura vol. 6 $5.25 sold
Things get serious as Sakura assembles the last of the cards and we reach the climax of the first story arc!
City Hunter vol. 6 $3.50 sold
Admittedly, the print quality and paper of the J'ai lu edition isn't always the best (though these volumes aren't bad), but it is unflipped and relatively faithful to the original. And the price is unbeatable! In this volume, Ryo Saeba tries his luck at the casino, and with the beautiful croupière he is supposed to protect. He then has a shocking experience, with the most unfortunate of results.
City Hunter vol. 7 $3.50 sold
What's this? Wedding bells are in the offing for Ryo Saeba? But Nagisa's only 15 years old! All right, she'll turn 16 tomorrow, but still.... Next, Ryo becomes a boy's role model - frightening thought, no? Finally, Ryo catches up with the, um, Flying Fanny. (Well, that's what he calls her.)
Detective Conan vol. 23 $4.00 sold
The Kana edition is one of the best I've ever seen - unflipped, very faithful to the original, and very inexpensive. In volume 23, the Detective Boys see a "Gomera" film festival, and Ran does her best Leonardo DiCaprio impression. Fortunately, Heiji Hattori shows up, so you know there's somebody competent around.
Detective Conan vol. 24 $4.00 sold
In this volume comes the long-awaited confrontation: Ai and Conan vs. the men in black!
Kenshin le vagabond vol. 13 $5.25 sold
(Rurouni Kenshin, of course.) OK, the covers might be a little odd, but otherwise the Glenat edition is very good, unflipped, and done with some care. We're getting into the height of the Kyoto arc. Yeah, you have to endure a little Misao-chan at first (oh, come on, she's not that bad), but it ends with the confrontation between Sanosuke and Anji Yûkyûzan.
Kenshin le vagabond vol. 14 $5.25 sold
Let's see, here we get Hajime Saito vs. the blind guy, Usui Uonuma. Then we reach the main course, as Aoshi returns to take on Kenshin, a confrontation that you know only the "secret technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi school" can end.
Please save my earth vol. 3 $4.00 sold
The Tonkam edition is very nice; unflipped, well produced, and inexpensive. In the third volume, the search is on for Shion and Shukaido. And you can be sure memories from the past will continue to make their awkward way into the present lives of our characters.
Please save my earth vol. 4 $4.00 sold
In the fourth volume, um, well, various things are revealed and stuff. (It's hard for me to come up with snide little summaries for shojo without giving away too much.) Trust me, it's good.

Payment and procedures

This is straightforward, but to be absolutely clear, I'll spell it all out:
  1. Choose the books you want, and email me (at with your list and your name and address. (You can click on the "available" indicators above to start your note.)
  2. I'll put your books on "hold" and send you back a confirmation note listing the total charge including shipping.*
  3. If the terms are acceptable, let me know and send payment. Payment has to be in U.S. funds. A money order or the like is best. Checks have to clear my bank (3 - 7 days). I don't recommend mailing cash, but if that's what you want to do, it should be securely wrapped.
  4. After receiving and (if necessary) clearing payment, I'll send out the books immediately.

*Shipping options

Generally speaking, I will ship it however you want, and will cover the first dollar or two of the shipping charges for you. Check the U.S. Post Office ( or UPS ( web sites for options.

Three manga volumes weigh about one pound, except for the Pika and Glenat titles, which are slightly heavier. Altogether, the eleven volumes plus packaging weight slightly over 4 pounds. Here is some shipping advice:


I recommend sending things "media mail" (what used to be called "book rate.") This will cost you 50 cents - $2, depending on how many books you order. I will insure any orders for 3 books or more at no additional charge. If you order all the books, I'll cover all the shipping. If you'd rather do priority mail, it will be roughly twice as much for shipping.


For Canada, UPS Canada Standard Service ( is usually the way to go, at around $4 - $7.50, including insurance. Global Priority Mail is also an option (see below).

Other countries

For other countries, probably your best bet is Flat Rate Global Priority Mail. This will cost you something like $2 - $9, depending on the country and the number of books. Unfortunately, such shipments can't be insured. Insured shipping is available, but will be substantially more expensive.

I have to attach a customs form for any shipment over 1 pound. There's no charge for this from my end, but customs in your country might charge a duty.

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