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Harry Potter's got nothing on a hobbit

Please, I need help! Someone out there please explain the concept of this enigma called Harry Potter. I have read the first book and recently caught the much-hyped movie. Still, I just don't get it. Exactly what is it about this phenomenon that has everybody and their grandparents declaring this Potter chap is the best thing since sliced bread? Click here for story

  Christmas Presence

Joe Keo/The Tattoo

Teen facing a dismal Christmas at shelter

While you're sitting inside your heated homes safe and sound this Christmas, tearing open loads of gifts, there will be people around you who can only wish to have the same. As a 15-year old living in the Bristol Emergency Shelter, Matt (not his real name) has to live with the bitter reality that he won't be tearing open much of anything this Christmas. He's living with his mom and little sister inside the shelter. Click here for story

Two kids and a job at 18

Young wife shoulders responsibility

You can't tell Anna is only 18. Holding one of her hands recently was her daughter, a shy 3-year-old girl in yellow pajamas, and on her other arm was another girl, a smiling 7-month-old stuffed in a puffy pink jacket.

"She's really a happy girl," Anna said about her youngest daughter, Aisha, and "she barely ever cries." Click here for story


  Sports Column

With Bird on guard, Huskies will soar

The UConn women’s basketball team in the last decade has been as dominant as when Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls. The University of Connecticut is known across the country as having one of the best women’s basketball programs. Click here for story


Dance rules leave students twisting

For all you dance committee people out there: Can you please put a little sanity in the way you make the rules for the dance and let us finally have some fun around here? Click here for story

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