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Teen mayor rules

Donít ask Christopher Portman to pick up a six-pack on the way home from work because the mayor of Mercer, Penn. is strictly a soda pop man. After all, heís only 19. Click here for story
 Daily Sketch

Joe Keo/The Tattoo

 Movie review

'Attack of the Clones' destined to be a classic

For the uninitiated, all the frenzy over Star Wars is baffling and inexplicable. They squirm at the greenish gnome-like blob of Yoda, scorn the weird names like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Count Dooku and prefer to stay home watching the television (itís free anyway). Thankfully, Iím not one of them. Click here for story

Daily Sketch Cartoon Bonus

Joe Keo/The Tattoo

Television review

Take an 'Adult Swim'

Tired of corny kid cartoons? No worry -- Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" will please the older audience of animation lovers and cartoon fanatics. Click here for story


More honors for The Tattoo

Nine teen journalists from The Tattoo scooped up statewide awards in the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalistsí annual contest recently.  Click here for story