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Special coverage of World Schools Debating Championship

There is no debate: Irish are the best

SINGAPORE – When teens from across the world gathered here for a war of words recently, the Irish proved the best talkers of all. During an intense and fiery two-hour contest with an Australian team in the finals of the World Schools Debating Championship, the Irish squad emerged on top after getting the best of an argument about the power of the media. Click here for story

No argument between friends on Team USA

The three 17-year-olds who made up the American debate team – two of whom live in Florida and the other in New York City -- did most of their preliminary work through email. And maybe that’s just as well.

Team member Jana Checa Chong said she sometimes gave Mark Landsman, the New Yorker, a hard time. “Once we had a debate practice round and Mark hadn't cleaned his room yet. I had to make his bed!” Checa Chong complained. Click here for story

Burlington students fretting over midterms

Studying for midterms can be tiring and stressful. Many Burlington students, faculty and parents question the necessity of burdening students with midterm 'hell week,' which annually plagues Lewis S. Mills students. Click here for story

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Click here for Joe Keo's cartoon take on 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh


  Sports Column

Super Bowl win no shock to Patriots

The UConn women’s basketball team in the last decade has been as dominant as when Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls. The University of Connecticut is known across the country as having one of the best women’s basketball programs. Click here for story

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