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Burlington growth fuels school overcrowding

Like many other Connecticut towns, Burlington is growing fast -- so fast that its schools are bursting at the seams. ... With greater and greater numbers of students entering the schools each year, officials are considering a controversial plan to add a new elementary school in Burlington and carry out more than $20 million worth of renovations to Lewis Mills High School. Click here for story

 Daniel Pearl

Killed on the job

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Head bent, hands cuffed and a 9-mm pistol held menacingly at his head, Daniel Pearl’s bone-chilling pictures told more. They told of a man who was a husband, son, father-to-be and, most importantly, a respected journalist killed on the job. Click here for story

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Not a Knight in shining armor

The new made-for-TV ESPN movie "A Season on the Brink" demonstrates former Indiana basketball Coach Bobby Knight’s temper on the basketball court and reveals his soft side off the court – and does a credible job of portraying Knight, played perfectly by actor Brian Dennehy. Click here for story

 Editorial Cartoon

TV Review

'Survivor 4' won't survive

Watching the debut episode of "Survivor 4: Marquesas" was just as alienating and tortuous an affair as sitting through the Grammys. Basically, networks have strip-mined this genre and worn it out so that "Survivor" is just another gagfest – a little slow and full of yawns. Click here for story