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-- Travel --

It’s Christmastime in the city

Santa at Macy's makes the season

Like anyone visiting New York City for the first time, my expectations were high when I set foot in the Big Apple last Christmas.

Little did I know how those expectations would be exceeded as I marveled at the sights and sounds of the city at Christmastime.

My first taste of true New York Christmas tradition was navigating the maze that is the Macy’s department store on 34th Street at Herald Square.

My mission: find and sit on the lap of one of the world’s most famous men. Yes, I’m talking about Santa Claus.  

 -- By Zach Brokenrope


Best view in the Big Apple

Rising 102 stories above the never-ending bustle of the streets of New York is the Empire State Building.

Featured in more than 90 movies – including the famous scene in which King Kong climbs it – the skyscraper is a world famous symbol of Manhattan.

And visitors to the Big Apple shouldn’t miss it.

 -- By Teague Neal

Limerick's dangers worry teens

Beneath the surface of a seemingly friendly and productive Irish city lies the grim reality of drug scandals, assault and murder.

Construction of impressive new buildings, efforts to preserve scenic places of interest and the creation of new tourist attractions often conceal the bleak truth about Limerick, Ireland’s third largest city.

But for many teens living in the city and its suburbs, Limerick’s dangers cannot be smoothed over so easily – they’re a part of life.

 By Marese Heffernan

Street scenes in Limerick.



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