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Jen Plonski/The Tattoo

Restoring an old house for a new teen shelter

An old house on Chippens Hill is being renovated into a homeless shelter for teens. A coalition of church officials and social workers are working to create the Good Shepherd House on a former summertime estate on Hill Street.  Click here for story

Teens do home work

Volunteers broke out their rakes and paintbrushes Saturday as part of an effort to fix up a house for homeless youth. Some renovations included clearing overgrown grass, painting porch rails, raking out areas, and disposing of yard waste. Click here for story

Another photograph from the printed page is available on the 'Teens do home work' page. The printed version contains two other photographs by Jen Plonski that are not available online.

 Daily Sketch

Joe Keo/The Tattoo

 Movie reviews

'Ultimate X' delivers thrills

If you wanna see hot, ass-kicking skaters, BMX and dirt-bikers in action, then you have to see this movie. With one glance at the screen, you are in a totally different place. Click here for story

Wicked tunes make 'X' rock

When ESPNís "Ultimate XĒ movie started, the soundtrack boomed out hard rock that vibrated everyone so they felt like they were sitting on a couple of sticks of dynamite. Click here for story

Movie review

Crawl quickly into Spider-Man's web

If you are disillusioned with summer movies, go for the ultimate spin with Spiderman. But before you go up the wall being tormented over whether Spiderman the movie lives up to Stan Leeís comic, donít. This long-awaited film adaptation of Spiderman is a hit because it sticks to the basics and the spirit of the original comic. Click here for story