The Tattoo

--- Making a Permanent Impression Since 1994 ---

Vol. 1, No. 4

Exchange student discovers America at Bristol Eastern Click here for the story (incomplete)

Beyond rumor at Central High

The biggest surprise for a visitor to Central from Miss Porter's might be the general openness and easy acceptance. At Central, the students were much more caring and supportive of each other than the common opinion declares. By Rachel Jennings. Click here for story

Dirty dishes: dough to the toiling teen

"Come in at six!" barks Tom Calgari, one of my bosses at Exclusive Catering Group, Inc., also known as The Sophia Room. By Devin Kingsbury. Click here for story

O.J. mania invades area high schools

This student can't get away from the OJ sensation that took over her TV. She went to school this morning and in Law and Justice class took a quiz on the many ways OJ could go free.

In English, she had a list of 20 vocab words and they were all legal terms. The words produced a 45-minute discussion about OJ's trial and the evidence against him.

The last thing she wanted to talk about while half changed in a locker room full of other girls was the stabbing and near decapitation of O.J. Simpson's ex-wife. By Rose Mamie Kowalchuk Click here for story


Teacher uses humor to bring fun to class

In most high school classes, teachers just ramble on and hand out assignments. One exception is Carl Stolle's Earth Science class at Bristol Central High School. By Mike Kelley. Click here for story