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Hurricane Katrina

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Volume 17, No. 2 - September 13, 2010

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Fasting for Ramadan in Canada

By Mehran Shamit in TORONTO, Canada – As Ramadan starts, many questions like, “Why do you have to fast?” start to pop out at me.

It’s probably because only about 2 percent of the Canadian population is Muslim and many people here are still not familiar with Ramadan, even though it’s a very multicultural country.

To be honest I don’t mind answering all the questions, but sometimes I get asked the same questions so many times I get tired of answering.

Some people understand why I fast and others don’t and they give me shocked looks. Usually their first response is, “Can’t you even drink water?”   Read whole story

-- TRAVEL --

Deep sea fishing off Rhode Island

By Kevin Sun in Narragansett, Rhode Island, U.S.A. -- Deep sea fishing is really exciting.

It is a true challenge to reel in a fish like a tuna, shark, sea bass or bluefish.

Even though it’s hard, it’s fun, because once you catch the fish, you feel so relieved that you reeled in a big fish like that.

I got a chance to try deep sea fishing for myself twice this summer with my grandpa, his friend and my brother.

The first time, we went fishing for tuna, marlin and shark, but it wasn’t as exciting as the second time because we only caught one small shark and one tuna.

But the second time we went out, we fished for sea bass and bluefish and we caught a lot of fish.

The annoying thing about bluefish is they fight really hard and they don’t taste as good as bass.

And that’s the good thing about bass. They don’t fight as much, plus they’re bigger and they taste better.  Read whole story

Ramadan Journal

Editor's note: This is a journal kept during the 2010 Ramadan that tries to explain both the tradition and the present-day meaning of Islam's holiest month.

By Jessica Elsayed in ALEXANDRIA, India As Ramadan begins, I will pray a lot and read the Quran.

But I also hope to spread through writing for Youth Journalism International what Ramadan is truly about – why and how we celebrate it – in an attempt to break the media’s stereotype and possibly create a much needed bridge between the West and Middle East.

In this journal I will explain as much as my knowledge can serve me about The Holy Month and perhaps occasionally have pictures of the forms of celebration in Egypt.

Islam is a beautiful religion. And nothing saddens me more than seeing how the media has made it synonymous with extremism and terrorism.

Sometimes I wish I could bring people to meet my family, friends and neighbors to see the kind of people we really are.

The world is in dire need to mend its misconceptions and the right time to do so is now.

 Read whole story



Commonwealth Games create turmoil in New Delhi

By Sara Chatterjee in NEW DELHI, India For the past year and a half, the city of New Delhi has been getting a makeover.

From building new hotels and guest houses, to widening the roads, to entirely redoing the playing fields at the University of Delhi, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has been determined to have the city spic, span and spacious for the Commonwealth Games next month.
This frenzy of urban planning is not new in the world of international sporting events.

Prior to the 2008 Olympics, China, too, undertook major changes in terms of infrastructure and planning.

Indeed, it is clear that hosting an international competition requires finances and foresight.

However, there seem to be a few glitches in the foresight of the Indian government when it comes to preparing my hometown for the Commonwealth Games.

To begin with, a year ago, Delhi-ites were promised that by mid-2010, there would be nine metro lines in New Delhi, which would ease the traffic and facilitate commuting.

By mid-July, there were only three.

Central Delhi is entirely dug up and the famous Connaught Place is full of potholes and ditches – to the extent that it has been rebaptised “Cannot Place” by inconvenienced shoppers.

Two months before the Commonwealth Games, Connaught Place was strewn with heaps of building material, debris, and post-monsoon slush. 

In July, part of stadium collapsed due to the excessive monsoon rains. Read whole story

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