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Vol. 7, No. 9

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Getting airtime

So what do the pros think about when they're hanging up there in the air?

"Either I'm thinking 'this is going to be better than I thought' or else I'm thinking 'this isn't looking too good' and that I better brace myself for a fall,'" said biker Jamie Bestwick.

"Watch out for the landing," said Bruce Crisman, another biking star.

"You need to make sure you're coming back on the ramp properly," said Matt Lindenmuth, an inline skating whiz. "It all [just] happens."

Three stars at the X Trials:

Jamie Bestwick Matt Lindenmuth Bruce Crisman

While at the X Trials...

The professionals have some advice for spectators this weekend.

"Go to all the stores and grab as much free stuff as you can," said bike star Jamie Bestwick.

Matt Lindenmuth, an inline skater, said people should "go out there and watch" the athletes show off their best.

"You'll be surprised at all you see," he said.

"One of the best moments could come from Lindenmuth himself.

"I want to land my double backflip" this weekend, he said. "It's been plaguing me for awhile now and since I'm already qualified for the Games, I'm going to try it again in Bristol."

Bruce Crisman, a BMX biker, said everyone should just "have a good time."

"Smile a lot," added Bestwick.

They want to hear a lot of support from the crowds, too.

"I do not like doing silent shows," said flatland biker Matt Wilhelm.

"Cheer your butts off," said Lindenmuth.

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