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Torture in Iraq

By Joe Keo/ The Tattoo

Torture in Iraq

The nightmare at Abu Ghraib has caused the world to look with disgust at a vast outpouring of prison photos, videos and previously secret information that has undermined whatever legitimacy the war in Iraq may have possessed.   Click here for column

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Preparing all year for one exam

Spring is a beautiful time of year. No, Im not talking about the flowers and sunshine.  Im not even talking about the fact that summer vacation is so close I can almost taste the freedom. No, the reason Im rejoicing is because Ive finally finished my two advanced placement (AP) exams.  Click here for story


Sucking the fun out of summer

The last school bell rings, students pack the hallways and the doors fly wide open; Im finally free of this hell that they call high school. Yet something is still keeping me down. No, its not the humidity or heat, but the weight of summer reading books in my backpack. Click here for story

Daily Sketch

Joe Keo/The Tattoo

Movie review

Love that Trojan horse

Whoever cast Brad Pitt as Achilles is a genius. In the new movie Troy, Pitt's moody, misunderstood and unbelievably, unspeakably sexy as the Greek fighting machine. Who would have known that blood, sweat and dirt are aphrodisiacs? Click here for story



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