The Tattoo

--- Making a Permanent Impression Since 1994 ---

Vol. 1, No. 2

Teacher's sudden 'retirement' brings substitutes, low grades Click here for story (incomplete)


Jobs mean cash, responsibility

You're 16 and want more responsibility. You want a later curfew, your driver's license, your own car and you can handle it because you're 16. But who's going to pay for insurance? For a car? Or clothes? How will you get spending money for the movies or eating out? Well, it's time to start filling out applications and find an after school J-O-B. By Tracy Klimkoski. Click here for story


CAPT test shows soph knowledge

A new test given to Bristol's high school sophomores in May aims to show what students have absorbed.... By Rose Kowalchuk. Click here for story


Prom fantasies fade: Night of romance? Not!

For many high school juniors and seniors the time has come to prepare for the lifetime fantasy of prom night. The magical night of love and romance, slow dancing in darkness with the 'date' in shining armor, spending the night under the pale, starry sky. The night ends in a sweet kiss. Yeah, right. By Jenny Jenkins.  Click here for story


Pain of divorce lingers

If family values are important issues, then why are so many families broken apart by divorce? By Devin Kingsbury Click here for story


Miss Porter's lacks feel of 'real' high school

Half asleep and still in her PJs, Kristin Carlson walks from her dorm room downstairs to her English class for first period. She begins another day at Miss Porter's School in Farmington. By Jill R. Synnott. Click here for story


Get yourself Tattooed!Click here for story (incomplete)