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Freaky fun at a creepy Compounce

As I walked on the chilly pavement of Lake Compounce and passed the games where you squirt things or knock down pins, I saw about 3 people who didn’t exactly blend in. They were disguised as monsters, ghouls, devils, and creatures from the dead. They reminded me of dogs because if you let them know you’re scared. If you do, they’ll follow you in this slow, creepy sort of way. Click here for story

Haunted Graveyard: Pro and Con

Funny? Yeah. Scary? Not a bit.

Grins in the Graveyard

Definitely scary.

Bristol is scary after all


Inside the Graveyard

There I was, standing in a corner, right by the bleeding fountain, wearing my stylin’ brown robe and Grim Reaper mask and acting like a statue. I was just doing my job -- jumping out at people and scaring them -- when around the corner came my next victim. He was about 18, the last in a group of people. He passed me, thinking I was just a statue. I decided to show him otherwise. I crept up behind him, intending to scare him out of his mind. I succeeded. He turned back, saw me, gave a frightened scream, tripped over his own feet and fell on his butt. Then he ran away like a scared puppy. Click here for story

Movie museum offers artsy horror

What may be Bristol’s best kept secret will be sure to bring you a treat for the Halloween season. The Witch’s Dungeon Classic Movie Museum, created and founded by Cortlandt Hull, is an interactive art museum for classic horror movies. Hull has taken the primary characters in such classic horror movies, and has artistically sculpted them into life-like replicas of the real thing. "I try to be as accurate as possible with all of them," Hull said, when discussing the looks of these hell-bent mannequins. Click here for story