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 Insider's Guide to High School

P.E. stands for 'painful experience'

The perils of gym class have haunted students for generations.  And Generation Y is no exception.  In fact, with all the horrors you will soon experience in gym class, you incoming freshmen may be tempted to call yourselves Generation “Y me?”  Click here for story


Five survival tips

Yup, I know what you’re thinking: Back to school, back to homework, teachers, tests and more. It really does stink to go back, but here are five tips to help make it go easier ... Click here for story


Monica Gleberman/The Tattoo

 College advice

Leaving high school behind? How to cope at college

From beyond the swirling drifts of college propaganda and admissions essays rings out a voice:” Hear me, for I have crossed this river of confusion and been delivered to the land beyond.” Yeah, right. I am just trying to pass on some of the experience of my first few months as a college student at the University of Connecticut. With any luck it might be general enough to help you out if you are about to apply, and maybe it will dispel any holy grail delusion of college you might be operating under. Click here for story

 Insider's Guide

Freshman, have no fear, The Tattoo's Insider's Guide to High School is back

This issue is only the tip of the iceberg for back-to-school advice from The Tattoo. Check it out online at to read the comprehensive Insider’s Guide to High School that Tattoo writers have been working on for years, providing the lowdown on everything from guidance counselors to dating. With humor and a commitment to telling it straight, The Tattoo can help unlock the mysteries and miseries of high school life. The best advice from The Tattoo, though, is to join us!  Click here for story



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