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VOLUME 13, NUMBER 19 -- July 16, 2007

-- Movie review --

Transforming cheese into celluloid

In a summer of hyped up and largely disappointing trequels, “Transformers” delivers the action-packed goods as advertised. But depending on the viewer's tastes, this can be for better or worse.  -- Daniel Lee

-- Sports/Travel --

Sean Soltys at Wrigley Field in Chicago. (Tattoo photo)


On the road to an unforgettable trip

The first stop on our journey was dampened by rain, as the San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates were rained out just as we arrived in the city. I had been excited to see soon-to-be all-time home run leader Barry Bonds play, even though I don’t like him at all. The feeling of


Ballooning Barry bombs

 -- Kiernan Majerus-Collins

driving eight hours to Pittsburgh anticipating a game, only to have it postponed, felt about as good as being injected by a needle, which is ironic since Bonds was the main attraction.

I had never been to Pittsburgh before, and the first adjective that came to my head was “ugly.”

While crossing one of the many rusty yellow bridges I thought, “Could they make a bridge uglier than this?”

A minute later, my question was answered. Yes, they can, and they did right next to the line of yellow bridges.
 -- Sean Soltys

A newly discovered gem from cartoonist Joe Keo...

Joe Keo/ The Tattoo



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