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The gut-wrenching choice to come out

Its kinda funny, if you think about it, how words have so much power. I mean, its startling how what appear to be a completely random collection of syllables and letters can change your life.

When you say the words I love you, you can complete your life; with the words Im guilty, you can relinquish your freedom, and with the words Im gay, you can change the way the world, and other people, define you.

I think its about time you know Im gay, not that its important or anything; but to tell the story of my freshman homecoming, its a fact you need to know.

Im only going to tell you about part of it though, and that is the part that is important to me, the memory that I know I will always keep. -- By Zach Brokenrope


The death penalty in Connecticut...

Teacher leads anti-death penalty fight

At the forefront of the fight to abolish the death penalty in Connecticut is Terryville High School teacher Robert Nave. By Steven Durel

In class, Nave gives lessons useful to my life

You know those television shows about school where you have that one teacher who seems to affect every student around them? On Boy Meets World, it was Mr. Feeny. At Terryville High School, its Mr. Nave. By Tyler Wentland

'An eye for an eye' isn't right

The death penalty is a hot topic right about now. Many people are for it, and there are also many who oppose it. I, personally, am against it. It just seems to me that a life for a life doesnt seem right. By Heather Moher

By Justin Skaradosky/ The Tattoo


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