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Bike peddler on the move

After almost three decades on North Main Street, the Bikerís Edge is on the move soon to a new location on Farmington Avenue. "Gotta get your name out while people are driving past," said manager Ed Bogun said. Click here for story

Still grieving in Ontario

As times passes since the horrible day that the once all-mighty World Trade Center fell in a cloud of debris, the memory and grief of Sept. 11 lingers and its lessons remain unclear, in Canada and the rest of the world. Click here for story

Lines at the doc are as painful as the shot

As a stream of youngsters poured through the doors of Dr. Arthur Bloomer's office, clutching blue and yellow forms for mandatory school physicals, the Bristol pediatrician paced grumpily from one to the next. Dozens and dozens of anxious students filed in hoping to get their forms finished before school started. Click here for story

 Daily Sketch

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Freshman trauma on the second day of school

Yeah, they told us: On the first day everyone's confused; everyone's shy; everyone loses something vitally important, whether it's their schedule or themselves. Basically, the first day of freshman year is an embarrassment waiting to happen. Yeah, well. They should have warned me about the second day. Click here for story