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 Extreme Sports

Teens skate on, despite boy's death

SINGAPORE -- Three days after a 14-year-old boy doing bicycle stunts died during a practice session for ESPN's Asian XTour, local boarders at Skate Park were still performing stunts. But some were talking about Harry Chau, too. Click here for story

City leaders: we support skate park

BRISTOL, CT  -- With strong backing from local teens, city officials said recently they support building a skate park in Bristol. Click here for story


  Christmas Presence

Teen mom hopes new year brings return to high school

Do you go out and have fun with your friends every weekend? Or maybe every night? Well, 15-year-old Jessica doesn't get to have those kinds of nights. She has the kind of evenings where she stays home and takes care of her 8-month-old baby boy, Joseph. The Tattoo wants to lend her a hand. Click here for story

Merry Christmas from The Tattoo

As the holidays approach, most everyone starts thinking about presents, school vacation and parties. But some teens during this holiday season are barely scraping by. They can't look forward to unwrapping presents or going to parties. To some of them, an unselfish concern for their families is what matters most.

The Tattoo's Christmas Presence project hopes to help struggling Bristol teens have a happier holiday. The Family Center and the Bristol Emergency Shelter found teens who were in dire financial straits, and Tattoo writers profiled them. Click here for story


  Sports Column
Calhoun finds right pieces to UConn puzzle
Coach Jim Calhoun seemed to be the only one who knew the 1998-99 UConn team would be there at the end, competing for a national championship. He guided his team as if they were really a group of huskies attached to a sled. He let them go and then when they got too cocky and excited he pulled on the rope to hold them back. When the championship game came around, Calhoun was ready -- he’d been preparing for years for that moment. He let go of the rope and let his team explode. Click here for story
Tattoo journalists win regional awards

Twelve student writers for The Tattoo took home awards this year from New England’s premier high school journalism contest, the Scholastic Press Forum at American International College.

Bristol Eastern High School graduate Joe Wilbur, now a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, captured four honors, including the WEEI Enterprise Award that recognized his work for The Tattoo.

The Tattoo garnered seven different awards in the annual competition, which attracted more than 2,400 entries from more than 300 high schools in New England and New York. Click here for story

Reinforcements cartoon

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