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VOLUME 14, NUMBER 3 -- December 17, 2007

- Changing the world -

Hall High School students Rahki Agrawal and Kelsey Mix (Tattoo photo by Kiernan Majerus-Collins)

Aiming for no more Empty Bowls

For Hall High School sophomore Rahki Agrawal and freshman Kelsey Mix, bake sales are only the beginning.

  – By Beth Pond

Sam Mollodtz and Sam Arcata, Hall High School juniors (Tattoo photo by Kiernan Majerus-Collins)

Raising awareness at Rock for Rights!

With rock and roll blasting all around them, Sam Arcata and Sam Mollodtz sat ready Saturday to talk about human rights abuses going on in the world today.

  – By Wesley Saxena

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Rock for Rights!

Zox takes the stage at the end of the Rock for Rights! concert at West Hartford, Connecticut's town hall on Saturday, December 15. (Tattoo photo by Kiernan Majerus-Collins)

Rock for Rights! takes the stage in West Hartford

From the West Hartford Town Hall comes the music of the future.
Rock for Rights! was a concert featuring local bands and aiming to raise awareness about human rights issues.

 – By Luke Pearson and Kiernan Majerus-Collins

Not your average English teacher

Jesse Stanford

Jesse Stanford is an average English teacher. Except he is also the lead singer in a local band.

“I’m an English teacher by day and a rock star by night. Or by late afternoon,” Stanford said Saturday at Rock for Rights.

 – By Rachel Glogowski

Among Criminals has music with a message

 – By Wesley Saxena

Using rock and roll to get students involved

Music and one teacher’s desire for student involvement in current issues merged Saturday during the Rock for Rights event in West Hartford.
That teacher was Steph Sperber, a 23-year-old social studies teacher at Hall High School in West Hartford.

 – By Rachel Glogowski

Hall High School teacher Steph Sperber and senior Colleen Smith. (Tattoo photo by Kiernan Majerus-Collins)

"It’s our world and we have the power to change it." - Jonathan Harris, state senator

Click here to read the live coverage of Rock for Rights! by Tattoo staffers

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