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Newport, Rhode Island

Eclectic city by the sea

From the Ralph Lauren mom with her Lily Pulitzer daughter strolling down Bellevue Avenue to a weather-beaten old sailor sitting in a bar on Thames Street, from the townies thumbing an acoustic guitar on the cliffs of Second beach to the Bulgarian tourists kicking around a soccer ball on First beach speaking in foreign tongues these are the characters that populate Newport, Rhode Island, summer after summer without fail. 

 -- By Courtney Coughlin

Barnum Museum

Bridgeport, Conn.

Brinley's circus a gem

-- By Teague Neal

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The wonders of Japan

Spending two weeks in Japan as part of a foreign exchange program getting to know the people, the food and the gadgets turned out to be the most memorable time of my life.

  By Teague Neal

At the top: Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) or Rokuon-ji Temple, former home of aristocrat  Kintsune Sionji in Kyoto, Japan.


Immediately above: Keisuke Yamashita, Teague Neal and Tomoyo Yamashita standing in front of the ancient Buddhist Byodoin Temple constructed in 1053 in Kyoto, Japan. 

Below: The Kondo (main hall) of Yakushiji Temple built originally in the year  697, a worldwide heritage site in Nara, Japan.

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