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By Joe Keo / The Tattoo

Pope's legacy is a changed world  

In 1981, an assassin tried to gun down the pope. But what shocked me, and I’m sure many people around the globe, was the fact that he had a private meeting with the gunman in 1983 to offer forgiveness. I could never do that. Could you? -- By John Elfed Hughes




Principal's cell phone hang-up angers students

It isn’t uncommon for schools to ban the use of cell phones in school hours; in fact, it’s pretty ordinary. But this semester, a Nebraska high school principal took the rule to another level. – By Zach Brokenrope



My wild Saturday night at Wal-Mart  

“Where we goin’?” Tanner asks as we drive into town. It’s already dark outside and the skate park is closed, so that’s out. “Wal-Mart,” Matt says calmly, his eyes focused intently on the road, his palms never budging from the 10 and two position. “WAL-MART!?” Tanner asks. “Uh, DUH!” Max says sarcastically. “It is the cheap-plastic-crap capital of the world! And plus they have like those two-gallon bottles of pop for a dollar.” -- By Zach Brokenrope

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