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Friends gather, mourn 'Gooche'

The funeral of murdered Bristol teen Anthony "Gooche" Thomas drew a large crowd, including his sister, Lanita, who remembered him as "my chillin' partner" while others called him a hero for trying to break up a fight, a move that led to his Oct. 11 death. Click here for story

Hopes up for skatepark

Bristol Eastern High School sophomore Kevin Rushlow said he really wants the city to build a skatepark because he's tired of getting hassled by the police. And it's possible the park will win approval as soon as next week. Click here for story

Band, chorus bound for Boston

Every year, April vacation brings a new destination for music students at Bristol Eastern High School. Next spring, it's Boston, but no matter where they go, students say they have a great time. Click here for story


Katie Jordan/The Tattoo

 Senior Journal

The agony of college essays

OThe worst, yet critical task of getting into college is applying. ... Maybe they'll ask about those specific questions that deal with your life's goals or 'page 271 in your unpublished autobiography' or 'the one who's influenced you the most.'" In reality, your worldly topic is how cool Amsterdam is because they legalized marijuana or how on page 271, you'd probably talk about how you hooked up with your best friend's girlfriend or that the most influential person in your life is your drinking buddy. Click here for story



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