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-- Insider's Guide to High School --

CHEATING: Pro and Con

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A cheater's manual

“The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” - Groucho Marx

It’s a well-known fact that cheating, while an extremely beneficial short-term solution, only hurts the well-meaning student in the long run. It’s also against school policy.

That’s why nobody should cheat.

There is, however, nothing wrong with “participating in a cooperative learning experience.” It can boost grades and self-esteem with relatively little effort. So let me offer some helpful tips to making the most out of any cooperative learning experience.  – By Stefan Koski


Top 10 ways to avoid cheating

– By Maressa Zahra

Michel Lee/ The Tattoo


Don't go down that road

You forgot to study and of course you teacher decides to give a fill-in-the-blank test. Susie, the class nerd, sits right next to you and left her paper in clear view. It would be so easy to just copy her answers.

Resist the temptation because nine out of 10 times, cheating comes back to haunt you. – Kassandra Ricci

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Insider's Guide to High School





I almost cheated

I am a procrastinator. That is just who I am. For some unknown reason, I always end up leaving things for the last minute, especially school work.

Umm... deciding to read the three 40-page chapters for my A.P. European test the night before the exam and falling asleep in the middle... nah, I never did that. Me? Never!

You can imagine how hard it is to resist the temptation to cheat while I am sitting in my room with a rather large cup, really a jug, of coffee at two in the morning – trying to somehow come up with an essay for my English class, which is due the next day. – By Smadar Sapir

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 Bristol bans cheating in school

Bristol schools aren’t putting up with students who cheat anymore. A new anti-cheating policy now in effect gives administrators the power to suspend students who cheat, plagiarize, or otherwise undermine the academic integrity of the Bristol schools.

“We need students to understand that we’ll take a stand on this,” said Deputy Superintendent of Bristol Schools Susan Moreau, who drafted the anti-cheating policy after it was brought to her attention by a Bristol assistant principle that there wasn’t any piece of school doctrine that specifically dealt with cheating. – By Stefan Koski


The 2005

Insider's Guide to High School

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Cheaters risk their future

In high school you will have to take many exams that aim to see how well you know what the teachers have taught you.

You have already taken many exams, but in high school you are going to have to continuously revise material you have gone over in class if you are to succeed. If you prepare a timetable and follow it well in advance, you shouldn’t have any problems come the day of the exams.

So, in the last days before that deadly geography exam, don’t cram in everything at the last minute because you will confuse yourself. It is a recipe for disaster! – John Elfed Hughes








































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