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VOLUME 15, NUMBER 9 -- December 1, 2008

-- Opinion --

Black Friday: Pro and con

Black Friday's not all bad, I promise

Leah Igdalsky (USA): Black Friday has gotten a bad name. The day after Thanksgiving has traditionally marked the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Businesses employ tactics like doorbusters, giveaways and sales to bring themselves into the black (to turn a profit). . Full Article


Dying for a deal

Kiernan Majerus-Collins (USA): The greed of consumer Americans can only go so far, right? I know some are desperate for a deal, but its not like theyd kill anyone?. Full Article


Black Friday sickens

Brice Birdsall (USA): Over the weekend, I read an article saying that a temporary employee at a Wal-Mart store in Long Island, N.Y. was trampled to death by early morning shoppers on Black Friday when he was opening the doors That sickens me Consumers killing a man to buy things? That doesn't make any sense to me. Full Article

Wal-Mart photo by Mary Majerus-Collins/ Youth Journalism International


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-- Opinion --


A nightmare in the City of Dreams

Harsha Mishra (India): Not only Mumbai but the whole nation is tired of hearing gunshots, bomb blasts and the crying of those who have lost their near and dear ones. Somewhere, children have lost their parents and somewhere, old parents are crying for the sudden death of their children. The whole nation is paying homage to the bold commandos and officers who fought for their country. This is not only the grief of Mumbai but of India, and to some extent, of the whole world.  Full Article

Attack spreads fear throughout India

Janani Ramachandran (India): Last Thursday at 6 a.m., my father dashed into my bedroom and exclaimed, "Mumbai is undergoing the most terrifying attacks ever. This is India's September 11th."
As I walked into school that day, I saw tears in the eyes of worried-looking students all around me. These were boarding students from Mumbai who either weren't able to contact their family in the disaster-struck city, or worse, knew that some relative was actually at the scene.
Full Article

-- Movie review --


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Twilight fails to match the novel

Brice Birdsall (USA): As a big fan of author Stephenie Myer's Twilight Saga, I was ecstatic when I heard that the movie was coming out.
I was even more excited when I learned that the film was being shot close to my hometown of Portland, Oregon.
. Full Article

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-- Reporter's Notebook --


A happy Thanksgiving along the Macy's parade route

Kathryn Middleton (USA):  Where else but in New York can you join a crowd of thousands, gaze up at massive balloons passing by and shout holiday greetings in unison with strangers across the street?Its a tradition in my family to travel to New York City to meet up with aunts, uncles and cousins to enjoy the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade in person. This was my third time seeing the parade in New York, and every time its just as exciting. Full Article





No dozing during Macy's parade


Matt Middleton (USA): Miley Cyrus woke me up on Thanksgiving.

That morning, I drowsily made my way through Central Park to the massive Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, journeying through a horde of crazy New Yorkers who had been up for hours.
Facilitated by caffeine and shepherded by many police officers inspecting the crowd, my family and I made it to the superior bleacher seats that my uncle purchased so we could experience firsthand the parade I'd watched on television for years.

My enthusiasm for the outing dwindled when I realized I'd have to get up at my regular early morning school hour even though we had the day off. But I figured on a period to catch up on my sleep at its beginning.
Full Article

Macy's parade photos by Kathryn Middleton/ Youth Journalism International

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