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Bristol school chief quits

After five years at the helm of Bristolís school system, Superintendent Ann Clark is leaving to take a superintendentís post in Fairfield County, a job that offers a considerable raise. Click here for story

 World Cup

World Cup a real kick

The sport is called football everywhere else in the world, but here in the good old United States we like to call it soccer. Click here for story

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Players not invincible; baseball mourns Kile

We sit in front of our televisions and watch these miraculous athletes perform every night with perfection, and think of them as invincible. They cannot be touched, but they can. Click here for story


U.S. police creates hate abroad

I can just imagine it: people are walking towards their shops and offices, drivers are furiously pressing their horns in the congested street, while the strong summer sun bothers all. Everything's normal. But, suddenly, at the corner of the U.S. consulate compound, a vehicle explodes. Now there's a change in scenery: car pieces are thrown at the other side of the road, engulfed by flames. Click here for story


'American Idol' is cruel, comical

Watching the Fox's new American Idol is like watching a conveyer belt of pop star wannabe's go through one door all shiny and giggly, and out the other tearful and in obvious emotional distress. But, hey, it's the most entertaining conveyer belt I've ever seen. Click here for story

Jewel shines like a gem

Guitar is what she plays, her name ó Jewel. Most people know her by her first singles, "Foolish Games" and "The Morning Song," but her music is far more than that. Click here for story