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- Movie review -

'Stranger Than Fiction' more profound than funny

When I heard that Will Ferrell was going to be in “Stranger than Fiction,” I knew I had to go see the movie in theaters as soon as it came out.

After watching him in other movies, namely “Elf,” I was expecting his newest movie to be another great comedy.

“Stranger than Fiction,” directed by Marc Forster, literally tells the story of a man named Harold Crick, played by Ferrell. That is to say that Harold, a lonely IRS tax agent whose life revolves around numbers, suddenly wakes up one morning to hear a woman’s voice.

She is able to narrate his life, and accurately vocalizes whatever Harold does and thinks.

  – By Rachel Glogowski

When Hurricane Katrina smashed ashore last year, Louisiana teen Samantha Perez started writing about the storm that washed away much of her old life. Her journal, chronicled in the pages of The Tattoo, is all online at Hurricane Journal. Read it for an eye-opening and intensely personal look into the eye of the worst storm in recent history.

By Justin Skaradkosky/ The Tattoo

-- Sophomore chronicles --

Thankful for end to marching band season

After Thanksgiving, it’s all over.

I’m not talking about the conversations about Thanksgiving Day plans between classes, or the inevitable weight gain that most people experience between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

No, I am referring to the marching band performances during the football season. For me, they’ll end after rivals Bristol Eastern and Bristol Central high schools hold their annual Thanksgiving Day football game, also known as the “Battle of the Bell.”

There is a craze that is exhibited throughout the school by students and staff alike over the game, although I am not really sure why.

It is understandable that people have pride in their schools. But I don’t see the appeal in watching 20 or so football players beating each other to the ground over a football, while you could be at home, cooking or watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television.

Of course band members exhibit this hype also, but I personally think it is more restrained because some of us are getting just a little tired of marching. After all, we band members have been prepping ourselves for the football games since August – or even last spring – if you count learning the songs.

 – By Rachel Glogowski

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Twirling sensation and rising star

Click Here   Michelle LaFrance

Michelle LaFrance is no stranger to the spotlight. The 14-year-old freshman is already making her mark at St. Paul Catholic High School in Bristol, Conn., as the 2006 featured twirler.

According to LaFrance, she likes twirling because "it's a unique sport that no one else really does."

This ambitious teen is a true performer, who always has a smile plastered on her face. LaFrance, who started twirling at the age of four, began competing when she was just six years old.

  – By Beth Pond


Mi Vida Loca

The longest three hours of my life

As a daughter, I believe that I owe my mother my life.

Imagine the only parent you've known for most of your life, sick in a hospital bed, about to go into surgery.

That's what I was facing not long ago.

My mother has been sick for quite some time. Actually, she’s been sick since she had me 16 and a half years ago.

Now, an operation loomed. The hospital was filled with sick people, but it felt as though my mother was the only sick one there. She was the only one that mattered to me at the time.

 – By Jenny Coloma


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