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VOLUME 13, NUMBER 16 -- May 21, 2007

Suicide bomber's blast rips apart my city

The rain of sadness dropped in Peshawar last week when a suicide bomber struck a busy market across town from where I live.Twenty seven people were killed in the carnage and many more seriously injured at the scene, where body parts were scattered in a business hub of Peshawar, a city in the northwest part of Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan. The market included the Marhaba Hotel, run by Afghan citizens. Famous for its delicious Afghan foods, including a chicken and rice dish called kabuli palow, this popular restaurant regularly drew shoppers from surrounding markets to the area for lunch.

 – By Edrees Kakar

-- Opinion --

United Nations tackles global environment

Many people may not care that Tuesday, June 5 is the United Nations World Environment Day around the globe, but along with many others I believe that universal awareness is needed to give credit where it is so obviously due.

The United Nations, established after the conclusion of the Second World War, has developed several departments which address various issues around the world.  One of them is the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

The program uses its contacts all over the world in order to educate humanity on environmental concerns, as well as being a positive catalyst for change.

Its mission, stated on the UNEP website, is “to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.”

Thus far, the organization is sticking to its word.

  – By Rebecca Baylis

Bob Woodruff's story of courage and hope

ABC anchor overcomes war injury

Within days of waking from his 36-day coma, ABC anchorman Bob Woodruff found himself at a loss for words – literally.

Woodruff, the victim of a roadside bomb while on assignment for ABC in Iraq, said that out of all his ailments, he finds his memory loss the most frustrating.

“I don’t really have any physical problems. I’m just trying to get the words back again,” Woodruff said recently at an educational forum at The Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, Conn.

 – By Rachel Glogowski and Beth Pond


-- Play review --  


A confused "Wendy Play" at Yale


Despite its name, the play “The Wendy Play” has nothing to do with the character in Peter Pan, although it did involve some magic.

The play, written by Yale School of Drama student Amy Herzog, was a look at complex teen relationships, both friendly and romantic. It centered around Wendy, a young new drama teacher at a summer arts “conservatory” (not to be confused with a camp).

The play opens with a frazzled Wendy, played by Nicole Berger. She came onstage and spoke directly to the audience, saying that she was responsible for the injury to a student but nonetheless she was about to drink with another.

– By Rachel Glogowski



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