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Hurricane Katrina

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Volume 17, No. 6 - November 22, 2010

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Justin Skaradosky/

Hook shots in a hot pink cast


By Conrad Sloane in KENNESAW, Georgia, U.S.A. – Ever play knockout? Ever win knockout? Ever done both of those things while wearing a hot pink cast?

Hi. I'm Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Conrad Sloane, a first year male freshman cadet in the Civil Air Patrol Program in Atlanta, Georgia.

Last fall, I was playing a football game in the Salvation Army Football League when I broke my left leg while defending a pass. Laying there on the ground, quite a few things ran through my mind, including what was going to happen at school when I got back.

What am I going to do about getting to school? How am I going to get around? Who's going to carry my backpack? Will I still be able to wear my uniform? What will my friends think?

These and many more questions awaited answers that long day.

That first Monday back, I arrived at school to find myself welcomed back warmly and with open arms ... literally.

People left and right kept on wanting to give me hugs, so much so that it got tiring by the end of the day with people still wanting to hug me. Read whole story


  Read Samantha Perez's stunning journal of hope and survival during America's worst natural disaster.



Ali Rosen, formerly a broadcast journalist, works with Book of My Own, an organization that provides books to underprivileged children in India.

American, Indian youth share ideas in Mumbai

By Pushkal Shivam in MUMBAI, India Before American President Barack Obama set foot on Indian soil, youth of India met here with their American counterparts to discuss issues ranging from climate change and terrorism to education and jobs.

The Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations, a Mumbai-based think tank, organized a panel discussion that included three Indian and three American youths.

American panelist Russell Mason, who works with the Mahindra Group, said that through the use of technology, American knowledge and resources can act as a supplement to India’s education system.

Building on that idea, Akanksha Mohla, an Indian who works with the Mahindra Group, said in the Indian context, “The wave is going to be led by technology of the internet on the mobile.”

Panelists addressed ticklish issues like outsourcing, intelligence exchange, U.S. aid to Pakistan, hikes in visa fees and whether the U.S. would support a permanent seat for India on the United Nations Security Council with veto power.

Climate change stimulated the greatest response both from the youthful panel and its young audience.  Read whole story




Godspeed offers a 'Peachy' show

By Francis Byrne in CHESTER, Connecticut, U.S.A. The new musical James and the Giant Peach is an astounding production combining top-notch choreography and stellar vocalists.

The show, a Goodspeed Opera House production now at the Norma Terris Theatre, was really well written and obviously took a lot of effort.

Writer Timothy Allen McDonald says in his notes, “You’re about to enter our collective imaginations and I warn you it’s not always a pretty place.”

Well, I found it to be a very enjoyable place.  It isn’t easy to condense a 123-page novel into a little over an hour, but McDonald did it, and he didn’t leave out the humor. Read whole story


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