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VOLUME 13, NUMBER 14 -- April 23, 2007

-- Senior journal --

Life = Pressure. Pressure = Life.

People say life is short. Is it really? When you sit down and really put some thought into that statement, you realize that life really isn't that short.

Life is the longest thing that a person can do, but yet people still tell us that life is too short to be wasting away, and that now is the time to get our lives into order.

  – By Rebecca Baylis

-- Music review --

A testament to Fall Out Boy's talent

Infinity on High, the latest album from rock band Fall Out Boy, meets and exceeds all expectations.

The music on this album is very different than past albums, thanks to recording artists Babyface and Jay-Z, who worked with Fall Out Boy to create this musical mix.

The cover art to this album was a hit despite its unusual setting, but then again, this is Fall Out Boy we’re talking about. Most songs were hits too, but a few were total misses.

  – By Mallory Mitchell

Windows to the world

By Rebecca Baylis/ The Tattoo

'Simpsons' writer tells hometown secrets

Tattoo photo

Springfield is a town full of losers, morons and lunatics – and everyone wants to call it their own.

The fictional home of "The Simpsons," Springfield is renowned for its quirky and hilariously stereotypical characters.

There are lots of Springfields in the United States, but none of them is the one made famous on "The Simpsons," said Mike Reiss, a writer and producer on the television show, which parodies life in small town America.

 – By Beth Pond

Listen to Mike Reiss talk about writing for 'The Simpsons' (mp3)

More on 'Simpsons' writer Mike Reiss

Writing for laughs and loot

Mike Reiss, a writer for “The Simpsons,” is always scribbling things down.

Reiss, who carries around a notebook for his thoughts, is always writing.

“I love to write,” said Reiss, who said he always carries a notebook with him to capture ideas, characters and jokes that come to mind.

“Even if I (didn’t) love to write, it’s what I do – I can’t stop it. I think of things and want to express them.”

 – By Rachel Glogowski

Hometown embraces 'Simpsons' writer

Tattoo photo

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By Justin Skaradosky/ The Tattoo


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