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Teacher's days are numbered

Bristol accounting teacher Richard Ladisky is counting down the days to retirement. Click here for story

The slippery process of closing school

Whenever snowflakes fall, kids watch the weather reports and pray fervently for a snow day. But most students don’t know everything that goes into calling off school.  Click here for story

 Editorial cartoon

Joe Keo/The Tattoo


'Mona Lisa' brings a smile

If you think “Mona Lisa Smile” is going to be just your average “chick flick,” then you are very wrong. Click here for story

Divorce yourself from insipid 'Newlyweds'

The hit show Newlyweds seems to be sweeping the nation. If you haven’t heard about this “true-life” series on MTV featuring Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, you’re not missing out on much. Click here for story

Teen writers win national contest

Three journalists for The Tattoo captured top honors from the national Quill and Scroll contest for high school students. Click here for story




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