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- Down in the mouth -

The pain and suffering of braces

My mouth is a mess – at least that’s what the orthodontist said.

I sure didn’t expect that getting braces would be as painful as it’s turned out to be so far, and I haven’t even gotten them yet.

When I first learned I would probably need braces, I was nervous. My mom and dad delayed it so often that I didn’t think I would ever get them.

  – By Wesley Saxena

When Hurricane Katrina smashed ashore last year, Louisiana teen Samantha Perez started writing about the storm that washed away much of her old life. Her journal, chronicled in the pages of The Tattoo, is all online at Hurricane Journal. Read it for an eye-opening and intensely personal look into the eye of the worst storm in recent history.

On the scene at the X Prize Cup

The name Rocket Man seems pretty self-explanatory: he uses a rocket (technically a jetpack) to fly around at air shows and other large events to entertain the crowd.

Rocket Man, also known as Dan Schlund, has been doing this for 30 years. He flew three times today at the X-Prize Cup.

His started out his flights standing on the tarmac with his jetpack strapped onto his back and the crowd anticipating his "launch."

  – By Josh Gales

Mystery surrounds dead ducks at Bristol Eastern

The mysterious deaths of at least eight baby ducklings in a Bristol, Connecticut high school courtyard last May angered students and teachers who had fed and cared for the birds.

“They didn’t hurt anyone,” said Bristol Eastern High School student Kelly Bolduc, who fed the ducks. “They were really special, because they were almost like Eastern’s mascots. Everyone loved them.”

  – By Rachel Glogowski

Seek out powerful "Green Mile"

  – By Billy Knox


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