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Kiss this! Pity the pig...

Did you ever kiss someone, only to be greeted by a piercing squeal? Well maybe, but in your case it probably wasn't a pot-bellied pig. But soon one of the principals of Bristol's two high schools may be able to proudly say that he's smooched with a friendly farmyard oinker. Click here for story


Drunken celebs fail teens

While accepting her trophy at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, singer Pink told the audience, "I’m too drunk for this." Actress Winona Ryder is currently facing shoplifting charges while R&B singer R. Kelly is fighting accusations he had sex with underage girls — and videotaped it. Popular musicians such as P. Diddy and Ja Rule openly smoke cigars in their music videos. Role models, where are you? Click here for story

Make your own fashion statement

Wondering where to hone your style? The malls of course, right? Not true.This year’s round of school shopping was challenging because every store carries the same look, the pants that are bleached out in all the wrong places and the thin, flowery shirts. Click here for story

Hold your nose in the hall

High school stinks. One day, at least at Bristol Central High School, you’ll be walking down a hallway on the third floor and suddenly the most disgusting smell will fill your nose and make you want to vomit. Click here for story

 Daily Sketch

Joe Keo/The Tattoo

 Music Review

Blues legend B.B. King rocks Hartford crowd

Dressed to kill in a tuxedo with small gold emblems all over it, blues legend BB King walked on the stage in Hartford recently with an American flag strapped on his famous Gibson guitar, which he named “Lucille” long ago. Click here for story

 Senior Journal

Blackout on 9-11 spooks students

High school is surreal. Experiencing September 11th in high school is even more surreal. And one year later, the day never ceased to surprise me. It was just a short year ago that I was sitting at lunch, hearing the news for the first time. Everyone was anxious to find a television set, but the classroom cable hadn't been set up yet. Click here for story