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Find your way to 'Neverland' Inspired from the beloved and creative mind of J.M. Barrie comes an equally high-quality masterpiece of film, “Finding Neverland.”

Devoted to remembering this fine playwright, “Finding Neverland” tells how Peter Pan, one of the world’s most cherished tales, came to be. -- By Teague Neal

The Tattoo named Best Young People's Coverage

The Surburban Newspapers Association recently recognized The Tattoo in the organization’s 2004 annual journalism contest.

The Tattoo took first place in the category Best Young People’s Coverage for work through October 15, 2004. In making their decision, judges reviewed a number of editions of The Tattoo from last year.

This is the second time the SNA has given the award to The Tattoo. The teen paper also won in 2002.

Leaving an ancient school

Nearly 400 years after the first students began taking classes at Llanrwst Grammar School in Wales, its doors have closed for the last time. With nobody there, the old senior school now looks eerie. Its windows are boarded up with black planks. "It's sad," said Elgan Thomas, 18, a student from the village of Penmachno.  – By John Elfed Hughes



Legal at last with my learner's permit

There are steps every teenager must take to become an adult, or so I believe. These include such things as the first time you sneak out of the house; the first rock concert you go to by a band that your parents have never heard of, and the step I just completed today: getting my learners permit.

Of course all this means is that I can learn to drive legally now. For the past six months, I’ve been secretly driving on country roads shrouded by darkness with my dad, a town police sergeant, by my side.

For the entire week leading up to my birthday, my dad had been gently reassuring me that if I didn’t pass the test on my first time I would be in very much pain. -- By Zach Brokenrope

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