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The Tattoo's Insider's Guide to High School

Beware the second day of school

Basically the first day of freshman year is an embarrassment waiting to happen. Yeah, well, looking back it seems they really should have warned me about the second day.
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By Joe Keo/The Tattoo



Fighting to stay awake at orientation

When I went to freshman orientation last week, I didn't learn anything useful except which of my friends are on my team and that the soda at Bristol Central High School tastes kind of funky.
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Lunchtime: claim your table and save me a seat

Several hours into the freshman year, you're sitting there gazing hopelessly at teh sluggish clock as it ticks and tocks. Finally, the lunch bell rings. Jumping out of your seat, you dash down the halls and enter a french fry-scented cafeteria.

Your stomach is growling and ready for some food. But the problem is: where do you sit?

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