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Skate park coming to Bristol soon

Skaters, bikers, and boarders wonít have to trek to neighboring towns or resort to practicing on curbs and city streets in Bristol much longer because the city plans to build a new skate park within the next year or so, though final approval hasnít been given and a location is not yet determined. Click here for story

  Daily Sketch Cartoon




Skeleton racing

The eight-spiked shoes, mandatory helmet, face shield, and chin guards indicate the danger of the sport. The athletes travel as much as 80 miles per hour on a metal sled down a mile-long track Ė on their stomachs. Click here for story

  Movie Review

Tom Cruise winked at me

I took a gamble, cut out two New Paper mastheads and won one of 188 exclusive invitations to the gala premiere in Singapore of "Vanilla Sky," with Cruise, Penelope Cruz and director Cameron Crowe in attendance. Then, reality sank in.

Oh my God, I was to be in the same movie theatre as Jerry Maguire, Ethan Hunt, Ron Kovic -- and his current muse, Spaniard Cruz (thatís the spoiler).

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Mission impossible

In the past couple of weeks, I have been notified that Bristol Eastern High School has a "mission statement" which addresses the many optimistic goals that have been set for the school. Looking around Eastern, I never would have guessed it, either. I mean, our school trying to accomplish a "mission?"

It's not that much more believable than little green men in flying saucers, but I guess it could be true.

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