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Teens want skatepark close to home

The Tattoo spoke with more than 40 young people in Bristol and found a diversity of opinion on where to put the proposed skatepark. Bristol needs one, they said, but nearly everyone wants it constructed near where they live. A police officer and the director of the Bristol Boys and Girls Club said, along with many teens, that downtown would be the best spot.  Click here for story

 Daily Sketch

Joe Keo/The Tattoo


The Rising: a calm voice for hard times

Half an hour after Bruce Springsteen’s new album, The Rising, went on sale at midnight on July 30, I bought it in Asbury Park, N.J. Little did I know then that almost two months later, the CD would help me through one of the toughest days I have ever had to face. Click here for story

A Doozer of a band, yes, but more bubble gum than punk

While Doozer was playing at Bristol Eastern High School last week, they had a large group of girls standing in awe about how "hot" they all were, yet none of them noticed the fact that Doozer's musical talent was a bit lacking. It's sort of sad how today's musical standards have been replaced by looks, rather than musical integrity. Thanks to the media and radio, teens base their personalities on what is spoon-fed to them rather than searching for themselves. If MTV says it's cool, it must be. Click here for story



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