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 Mystic Aquarium

Miss Yellow-Yellow: Love at first flap

Sure, one can go to Mystic and gawk at sea lions, oodles of fish and world-famous beluga whales, but don’t miss the exhibit tucked way in the corner of the aquarium's outdoor area where about 20 African black-footed penguins bask in the sun, swim in the tanks and waddle with their mates all day long. Pressing their noses to the grease-smudged glass, outsiders get only a glimpse of the penguins whizzing by in their watery tank. But for a select few, willing to dish out a paltry fee for the joys of penguin-petting, Mystic Aquarium offers visitors a chance to get to know its feathery friends a whole lot more intimately, through its Penguin Contact Program. Click here for story

Mystic Aquarium is more than cute penguins

Mystic Aquarium is a great place to do all sorts of things. But what? Well, I’m glad you asked. Click here for story



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