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-- Insider's Guide to High School --

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Bling improves school uniform

Thick gold chains, large hoop earrings, multiple diamante rings; jewelry is, of course, an essential accessory for every teenage girl. After all, who doesn’t love the “bling bling” style of today’s youth? Well, teachers, of course!

For me, being forced to wear a standard navy uniform going to school every day decreases my sense of individuality, and makes me feel far too conformed. So at the beginning of my first year in the school, I thought to myself, ‘What can I do to express my personality, without breaking any school rules?’

The answer came to me in a pair of silver hoop earrings. – By Marese Heffernan

Insider's Guide to High School

Swimming with sharks? Get fins!

In high school, sometimes you find yourself swimming with sharks. We can help you get ready, stay on the alert and stop sweatin’. At least until P.E. But we’ve got advice on that, too. This is the last Insider’s Guide to High School for this year. Check out the complete Guide on our website for years of tried and true words of wisdom, with a twist, and watch for more editions of The Tattoo coming soon.





Victory over vending machines

Sometimes I think that high school is a prank, a really cruel one played on us by our parents, perhaps. That, if it was our real life, it would have come with a better set of instructions.

No such luck. – By Zach Brokenrope



Hello! Ban lifted

Finally, students can carry cell phones in Bristol schools without breaking the rules.

Until this year, cell phones and beepers weren’t allowed in the city’s schools because they were considered drug paraphernalia, according to Superintendent Michael Wasta. – By Molly Horan

Learn to stand up to a bully

I’d just counted the ballots for the science club officer elections, and I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone the results.

I walked into my orchestra classroom and was promptly attacked, er, greeted by one of my classmates who is also a member of the science club.

“Hey, so how’d the ballot counting go? What were the results?” – By Michel Lee



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