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Vol. 8, No. 1

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Freshman or road kill?

Katie Jordan/The Tattoo

You may have to be one, but you don't have to be the other.

Will your teachers like you?

They say looks will get you farther in life. Maybe they don't, but they'll get you through high school easier.

After all, teachers are just as guilty with stereotyping (although they won't admit it) as your peers are.

A warm and friendly smile -- and good preppy American Eagle outfit -- will make a perfect first impression for any teacher, no matter how mischievous or drunk you may be.

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Top 10 Ways to Annoy Your Teachers

1. Make that $80 dollar graphing calculator worth it: play and exchange games in class.

2. Be a considerate individual: always wave to your friends when you walk by their classrooms.

3. Potty mouth: Bathroom breaks are a must. Ask to go whenever you want.

4. Organization is key. Keep your notes and homework neatly jammed into the front of your textbook.

5. Brain food: Don't go hungry. Eat in class.

6. Dress for success: wear your coat so you can give your full attention to the suject, not your thermally challenged digits.

7. Dream student: catch up on your Zs by napping in class.

8. Tune out your teacher with the help of your favorite CD.

9. The only dumb question: ask again, they love to repeat the answers. They've only been doing it for years.

10. Better late than never: make the teacher hold the door while you swagger in from the hall. It's what they call individual attention.

-- Sarah Jordan

Attitude 101

I can guarantee you will walk around the hallways class to class with a label on your back.

Whether it be 'loser,' 'cool,' or 'gay,' you most likely won't deserve it, but due to the trendy high school attitudes, all the weak and feeble minds of fellow classmates will treat you the same as everybody else -- mostly like crap.

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Enduring the summer book list

As the last few glorious days of summer drift by, the reality of school kicks in.

Students are faced with the back to school rush, with new clothes and supplies needed. And, after putting it off for weeks, it's time at last to tackle the summer reading lists.

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