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Gozo, Malta

Unwinding in Gozo's timelessness

I decided I could have just as well thrown my shrimps in the water. The fish managed to fool me and make a feast out of it. They ate all the shrimps on my fishing rod, without me even noticing them.

According to my expert boyfriend and his mom, the fish ate the shrimps from the side and were too small for me to feel the pull.

No, I definitely have no talent for fishing.

 – By Maressa Zahra

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Tattoo travel


Kathryn Middleton/ The Tattoo

Having it all in Hawaii

You can’t beat the paradise of Hawaii.

My family’s taken many great vacations over the years, but our trip to Hawaii – filled with spectacular sights and exhilarating experiences– topped them all. From the views off 500 foot cliffs overlooking water, parasailing 800 feet in the air and catching a wave in Maui’s surf, Hawaii was an awesome experience. – By Sean Soltys

The long flight: getting there isn't half the fun

“Mom, I forgot to ask you, how long is the flight?”

“Twelve hours.”

My jaw dropped. Is a 12-hour flight worth going to Hawaii?

I stepped on the plane, afraid of the looming hours of boredom that awaited me in the air.

“Welcome aboard!” the flight attendants said, forced smiles pasted across their faces.

I found my seat and squeezed in.

My brother was sitting next to me.

“Want to play cards?” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied. I put down my tray table and he put down his and we started to play blackjack. We must have hit the table too hardbecause the man in front of us said, “Hey, I’m trying to have a nice flight here, and I can’t have it with you two banging against the tables!”

 – By Kathryn Middleton



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