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Urban Dream capsule is life in a fishbowl

Four men sealed inside a shop window for 15 days. Forget illusionist David Blaine, this is the real thing: Urban Dream Capsule, a performance art installation, has captivated the hearts of locals with their act.  Click here for story

 News and views

Mother- daughter duo spills the beans on teens

Katie Haire/The Tattoo

Like most teenagers, I am tired of the stereotype placed on us that we like to rebel against everyone in our lives- parents, teachers, or basically any other higher authority.  Click here for story


Rockers aim guitars at Bush

Aiming to help unseat President George W. Bush, a group of musical artists are voicing their opinions and concerns through a concert tour of the electoral “swing-states” starting Friday. Click here for story

 Movie review

Gosh! It's dynamite

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t quite belong, you may very well relate to the movie “Napoleon Dynamite.” The movie opens with creative credits that don’t leave you bored to tears, and the film is so funny that it will almost drive you to tears.  Click here for story



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