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Volume 16, No. 3 - September 28, 2009



The fastest person on the planet


 -- TRAVEL --

If there's a rock 'n roll heaven...

Mary Majerus-Collins/

A rockin' museum in Cleveland

By Kiernan Majerus-Collins in CLEVELAND, Ohio, U.S.A. -- Elvis Presley. B. B. King. The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. The Who. Jimi Hendrix Experience. Johnny Cash. Van Morrison. John Lennon. Led Zeppelin. The Velvet Underground. The Jackson 5. Santana. Bruce Springsteen. Eric Clapton. Michael Jackson. The Ramones. AC/DC. Prince. U2. Miles Davis.

Quite a list, huh?

All fantastic musicians, all world famous, and all under one roof? Read whole story

From Alan Freed's ashes to  Bruce's guitar

By Katherine Holland and Mary Majerus-Collins in CLEVELAND, Ohio, U.S.A. -- Did you know that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a double-story escalator? It also has the ashes of Alan Freed, a famous radio disc jockey, in an urn shaped like a tombstone. There’s a giant hot dog sculpture in the lobby, hanging from the ceiling, too.

Besides the massive hot dog, one of the most interesting things there is a special temporary exhibit on Bruce Springsteen. Read whole story



Rock 'n roll hall a snooze


By Katherine Holland and Mary Majerus-Collins in CLEVELAND, Ohio, U.S.A. --

When our parents told us they were taking us to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we didn’t really know what to expect.

As it turned out, it was kind of boring and not much fun for kids. While some things in the Hall were interesting and cool, the museum did not keep us occupied as long as our parents wanted to stay.

We were bored probably because we didn’t know the musicians there.

There was only one exhibit that one of us found exciting. Katherine saw three suits the Jonas Brothers wore on their album cover for “A Little Bit Longer.” To her, that was the best part of the whole museum. The Jonas Brothers display involving musicians she knew was better than the whole six floors of unfamiliar artists.

If you don’t know a musician or haven’t heard of him before, you don’t really care to go gaga over his clothes. It’s just a tattered old jacket. Why would we care? Read whole story


-- NEWS --

With an eye to the future, young Germans head to the polls

By Katie Grosser Kakar in MESCHEDE, Calle, Germany -- (Sept. 27, 2009) Many young Germans are voting for the first time today.

Click Here

For the  third time this year, following the European Union elections and local races, people are heading to the polls to choose the German parliament – Bundestag – to be elected for the next four year-term.

Though polls show that every year fewer and fewer people actually make use of the constitutional right to cast a ballot, some teenagers and young adults are very much interested in what’s going on in their country.

“Of course I’ll vote,” said Stefanie Hoffmann, 20, a trainee nurse from Düsseldorf. “I don’t understand people who complain about politics but don’t go to the polls.”

Anne Stolpe, 19, a student at the Technical University of Dortmund, gave another reason why voting is so important: “Not casting my ballot would only strengthen extremist parties.”  Read whole story


Jet plows into school's ballfield in South Africa

Keenan Gounder/

By Nicole Megan Gounder in MEREBANK, Durban, South Africa – What started off as a beautiful Heritage public holiday for most South Africans quickly turned into a nightmare for those aboard a Jetstream41 South African Airlink plane.

At 8 a.m. Thursday, the plane crashed into three pieces on the sports field of Merebank Secondary High School. Ambulance and police sirens woke everyone in the community. Read whole story





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