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New rule: Late to class is same as skipping

Students who are five minutes late to a class next year will get the same penalty as those who skip it completely under a proposed change in the attendance policy at Bristol Eastern High School.  Click here for story

Powder and cream at New Year's

hoLike fellow Buddhists around the world, hundreds of Cambodians, Thailanders and Laotians gathered this month at the Providence, R.I. temple to celebrate the new year. During morning prayers, the kids seemed bored. Then they pulled out the shaving cream and talcum powder and started getting messy. Click here for story

 Daily Sketch

Joe Keo/The Tattoo


German shooting hits close to home

Just when school security was starting to seem safe and normal, a massacre at a German high school last week reminds everyone how much the safety of children remains threatened. I have a hard time even writing down my opinion. It happened again, is there much more to say? Click here for story


No religion means deeds, not beliefs, matter

Chances are pretty good that I don't believe in the same religion as you do. I am not a Christian or a Catholic or anything else for that matter. Click here for story