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-- Insider's Guide to High School --

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Get a teacher on your side

How important is it to have a good teacher-student relationship?

Well, very.

I find it amusing how some people, generally young and death-defying freshmen, dare to challenge the power of a high school authority.

It is not only naive but overall very stupid to rebel against the school system. – By Oscar Ramirez

Sofia Ramirez, 17, reading El Diario de Hoy in El Salvador.

Get fit for school

High school is indeed the most critical and dangerous part of student life. It’s a time when you should embrace sports, study hard and forget about dating.

It is really difficult to keep your life under control during these years because in the teenage years of high school, students are filled with emotions, passions, inspirations and enthusiasm. – By Edrees Kakar


Insider's Guide to High School




The horrible first day that wasn't

The thought of finally entering high school (the place where boys had real facial hair and people drove cars to school) seemed like the biggest feat in my short life when I first entered ninth grade.

I spent the whole month of August on the phone with friends discussing where we were going to meet on the first day in September, what school supplies we were going to buy and how we were going to style our hair. – By Nicole Teixeria


It's back ...

The 2005

Insider's Guide to High School

Get solid advice from teens who've survived freshman year. Watch for more pages in the coming weeks and check out our website archives for four years of insider advice that stands the test of time.

See the entire Insider's Guide to High School

Brotherly words of wisdom

Going into high school is a huge deal. The last eight years of education were pretty much all about preparing me for what’s to come in the next four years of my life.

Not only am I going to have to deal with seven classes at a time, but I’m also going to have clubs and stuff to join.  – Stacey Garrett


Justin Skaradosky/ The Tattoo


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