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VOLUME 13, NUMBER 18 -- July 2, 2007

-- Travel --

Harboring memories of 'day of infamy'

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Pearl Harbor survivor Everett Hyland

Each generation has its defining moment, that one day in history where something so memorable happened that one remembers where he or she was when he or she heard about it.

For our generation, it was the September 11th attacks. For others, it was the day President Kennedy got shot, and for the generation prior to that, it was Pearl Harbor. -- Beth Pond

-- Movie review --


Terrific acting makes Mighty Heart compelling

Docudramas aren’t for everyone. Personally, I am always compelled to go see them, but usually end up unimpressed. Perhaps there is something about knowing the ending that bores me. A Mighty Heart is different. -- Beth Pond



Photo by Kiernan Majerus-Collins/ The Tattoo


"Diminished 7" at Iowa City Jazz Festival

By Julia Reichard/ The Tattoo



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