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VOLUME 13, NUMBER 15 -- April 30, 2007

Journalism suffers a blow in Indiana

When high school sophomore Megan Chase wrote a column for her Indiana school newspaper calling for tolerance of homosexuals, she didn’t think it would be big deal. “I didn’t think anyone would say anything,” Chase said last week.

 – By Zach Brokenrope

-- Opinion --

Where is this 'free speech' you promised us?

 – By Louisa McIndoe

-- Opinion --

Rally for peace, not war

The “War on Terror” is a phrase that, unfortunately, is heard all too often. We are in the midst of a war – a war on terrorism.

What can our respective governments do? How can anyone possibly put an end to millions of innocent people living in fear?  How long do we have to wait before yet another ‘terrorist threat’ is made?

Whenever I hear about a new threat made on society, not only do I cringe but a cold shiver races down my spine.

I hate the feeling of guilt. I say this because I am as guilty as anyone else for what is happening because, before this moment, I had not said or done anything to voice my disapproval of this supposed ‘war on terrorism’ – and that is as bad as the actions of the perpetrators.

  – By Rebecca Baylis


Justin Skaradosky/ The Tattoo

Myspace: stranger danger

Do you remember when your parents used to fit the cliché?  When they were always all-knowing and told you things like “don't talk to strangers,” “nobody said life was easy,” and “just do your best?”  And how as we grew into teenagers, we started listening less and less to what our parents told us?

 – By Sebastianne King


A Connecticut chorus buses to Boston

 – By Molly Horan

-- Introductions --

A true-blue Aussie

Although born in Berkshire, England, Katie Harris is a true-blue Aussie.

“Living in Berwick, a town in the Australian state of Victoria, gives 17-year-old Harris ample opportunity to enjoy the things that rule her life: cricket, swimming, surfing, running, sport in general, friends, family and food.

Harris, a Year 11 student at St. Margaret’s School, moved to Australia from England as a young girl.

When Harris moved Down Under, she joined a Little Athletics team and remembers watching the older kids run, thinking, “One day I want to be like that … fast.”

 – By Madeleine Slaughter


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Windows to the world

Cambridge, England

By Cassie Lloyd Perrin/ The Tattoo






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