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 Insider's Guide to High School

Find your own path

At the beginning of the school year, it’s only appropriate to take pity on the new incoming freshman, inexperienced, ill-prepared and hopelessly innocent — cannon fodder, if you will. Sure, some freshmen are going to be excited about starting high school. Some might even be under the impression that these next four years are going to be the fabled “glory days of youth.” For some, they might well turn out that way. For the rest, certainly for most of the normal people out there, this just might be an all-expense-paid ticket to the fiery torments of Hades.  Click here for story

 Freshmen Photo

Incoming freshmen at Aurora High School, Aurora, Neb., pose in celebration on their last day of eighth grade in May. In the back row are, from left, Anna Cepek, Allen Fruit, Zach Brokenrope, Jake Vaught, Erik Swazo, Betsy Shaw and Andy Hohweiler. In the center row are, from left, Levi Anderson, Hannah Johnson, Brooke Oswald, Meredith Edwards, Kristina Flores, Micheal Luna, Nick Schrunk and Chris McDonald. In the front are, from left, Janny Joo, Justine Newquist, and John Syshouvan.

Freshman Journal

High school years are finally here

In less then a week, I will once again enter the brick walls of Aurora High School, for the very first time as a student, as the scourge of all upperclassmen. Yes, I, Zach Brokenrope, will be a freshman, or frosh, as we are so lovingly called. So, you may ask, am I nervous about this upcoming year as I’m told I’m supposed to be? No, not really. Click here for story

 Insider's Guide tp High School

My love affair with The Wall

Freshman year of high school is a time that will bring back many memories to each and every one of us. Some will smile when they are reminded of their first year. Some will complain, some will suddenly get silent, and some will shrug like it was no big deal. But one thing is for certain: it transforms every single one of us, even to the point where our high school experiences dictate what kind of a person we will end up being. Click here for story

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