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VOLUME 9, NUMBER 4 - Sept. 30, 2002

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 The Tattoo at ESPN

ESPN's favorite viewers are teens

ESPN and teenagers have a lot in common – fun, technology, change, and most importantly, sports. But as much as teens might think they need ESPN, the sports media giant needs them even more. “Teens are the biggest fans, absolutely,” said Artie Bulgrin, a senior vice-president and ratings analyst at ESPN. “We skew to a younger audience.” Click here for story

A firsthand look inside ESPN

After years of watching ESPN every day from the confines of my living room, I got the chance recently to go behind the scenes and see what really goes on in there. Click here for story

 Daily Sketch

Joe Keo/The Tattoo

 Senior Journal

A coffee addict confesses

Okay, I admit I have been sucked in by Starbucks’ marketing ploy that it is, in fact, the sole provider of coffee to a caffeine-starved populace. What, you can actually get coffee elsewhere?  No way!  (Cha-ching! Rake in the dough for Starbucks!) They have a word to describe people like me: coffee-addict. Some people wonder if my coffee cup is super-glued to my hand or if it actually comes loose. Click here for story

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